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Proven Results with the Super Imploder
Geomantic Earth Maps

Linear, Geometric and Zodiacal Maps


Glasgow, Scotland: Fred Bell

England: Woking Mosque

England: E-line

South America Nazca, Peru; Cuzco, Peru; Tiahuanaco, Bolivia; Lake Titicaca
Genesis de la Cultura Andina

Childress, Anti-Gravity & the World Grid

Seattle: Geogroup, Chuck Pettis

Germany: Xanten Cathedral: Josef Heinsch


Stonehenge, UK: Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Llantwit Major: John Michell, Dimensions of Paradise

Stonehenge: Glastonbury, White-leafed Oak heptagon: Michell

England: Circles represent Great Pyramid

Sedona, Arizona, US
Nicholas Mann, Sedona: Sacred Earth

California: Marble Mountain Wilderness: Lorea Ireland


Africa: Becker-Hagens

Europe: Becker-Hagens

Washington, DC USA: The Pentagon

Rennes le Chateau, France

Lincoln & Wood, Genisis

Rennes le Chateau, France: Simon Miles

Rennes: As it relates to world grid

Paris Meridian

Eastern North America Peter Champoux

Western North America Dorothy Leon

Southern California
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey; Voice of America Transmitter; Landers Integratron.
By Bodo Capeller

Aegean, Greece 12 temples in the shape of Maltese Cross

Egypt Childress, Anti-Gravity & the World Grid

Mars corresponds directly with Rennes le Chateau: Fred Mills

Greece: Ancient Hellenic Geodetic System


Glastonbury Zodiac

Sedona, Arizona: Raymond Mardyks: Sedona Starseed: A Galactic Initiation Palden Jenkins' Glastonbury ley maps

England: Somerset: Canus Major: Richard Leviton

Seven Island Stars of Arthur
Prehistoric Glastonbury, Michell.

France: Chartres as Virgo: Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral: Louis Charpentier

Pyramids as belt of Orion
Orion Mystery
Robert Bauval, Adrian Gilbert


Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks: Astrological Symbolism in Art, Architecture and Landscape, Jean Richer, Christine Rhone trans., State Univ. of NY Press 1994

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