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Sedona, Arizona
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Reproduced with permission

Buy the book, Nicholas Mann's Sedona: Sacred Earth

Isis Rock
Lost Wilson Mt
Grassy Knolls
Devil's Bridge
Airport Mesa
Twin Buttes
Cathedral Rock
Lee Mt.
Courthouse Rock

I took a look at your site [vortexmaps.com], and although I found it visually appealing, encountered the usual concern I have over such things. This concern is over meaning; especially the liberties taken with meaning - or the lack of it - by those who sometimes use glamorous images to tempt others into their nets. I never intended my work to beguile or delude, to mystify or bedazzle, and more is read into it by some than what is there. The universe, through its manifestation to us on this beautiful earth, does emerge in observable geometrical ratios. But to observe them where they are not, or perhaps where we would like them to be, or perhaps where the geometry of chaos is the nature of things, is to lose sight of the patterns that are ultimately only found in each individual's experience. Meaning always boils down to a unique present moment experience, which external formulations have the danger of reifying. I like sand painting a lot, as the ephemeral and changing nature of the sacred ratios is implicit in their creation." --Nicholas Mann

Nicholas Mann's website, Druidways.co.uk


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