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Triangle from Mountains
by Dorothy Leon

triangles from mountains



This booklet is not presented as being a complete study, as I have had neither time nor facilities to thoroughly research the subject. I am therefore presenting it as a thought-provoking hypothesis with the hope that it will stimulate others to make further calculations.

The information presented herein came to me as a complete shook and surprise. It is a subject that had never entered my mind until this past summer. For some spiritual reason, not completely under stood by me, I have been chosen as a channel to present this information to the public. I have been strongly encouraged to print and circulate this information, with a knowing that the right person will be stimulated to research and carry it through to its completion.

Some of my calculations might not be one hundred percent accurate as I am not a scientific technician. I am merely trying to present the general picture as it has been shown to me. It is my hope that those readers who feel-stimulated to make further calculations will feel free to use this presentation as the ground work upon which to build. I would love hearing from any interested readers.


THREE MOUNTAIN TRIANGLES -------------------------------- .

MAGNETIC DISTURBANCES ------------------------------.

SAN ANDREAS AND COLUMBIA FAULTS -------------------------

NUMEROLOGY -------------- -------------------------------

THE WHEEL WITH NINETEEN SPOKES --------------------------.

THE CHAKRAS ---------------------------------------------

NEW AGE SPIRITUAL CENTERS -------------------------------

SUMMARY -------------------------------------------------



It first came to me when I was riding In my husband's small, private airplane. As the plane approached the shadow of Mt. McLoughlin, a minor mountain near my home town in Southern Oregon, I noticed something special. The mountain seemed to be perfectly aligned with California’s magnificent Mt. Shasta. Flying straight ahead to a point mid-way between the two mountains, there across from us In the distance, was a third mountain. It was a small insignificant one called Preston Peak. But even though Insignificant in comparison to Mt. Shasta and Mt. McLoughlin, It was the highest peak In its own area, Gazing at the three mountains, it was as though there was a tiny white line in the sky joining the three into a perfect triangle. This both interested and puzzled me.

Returning home, I used sectional aeronautical charts to calculate the precise distance between the three mountains and was quite impressed to find that they were equal distances apart. (This triangular area is shown in Diagram 1. It is not as accurate as the calculations made on the air charts, however. The road maps used here and in the following diagrams) are merely to give a general idea. Air charts are not used due to their size and expense In having them photographed and reduced. See Diagram 1 on the next page) As I meditated on this unusual discovery, I was shown three pyramids which were equal distances apart, forming a triangle. Looking closely at the pyramids, I realized that each pyramid was actually a mountain. This came as quite a surprise, as I had never really thought of the similarity in shape between mountains and pyramids.


On my next flight, I was content being just a passenger without making any particular calculations, until we flew over the top of beautiful Crater Lake. At first my mind was completely occupied with the phenomenal coloring of the water and the rugged scenery encircling the Lake. But as I lifted my eyes to the horizon, it suddenly came to me that we were in a direct line with towering Mt. Shasta. I noted much more of a line of demarcation here than there had been between Mt. McLoughlin and Mt. Shasta. It was as though Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake were a literal dividing line. The terrain to the west of them was mountainous and forested, while the land to the east was flat and deserty. As I gazed across to Mt. Shasta, then back down at Crater Lake, somehow my eyes no longer focused on It as a lake. Instead, a detailed picture flashed before me of the former Mt. Mazama. It was as though we were flying in the midst of the former mountain's peak. Even though it had been destroyed by volcanic action, it seemed as if the etheric form of it still existed. I perceived of it as a twin focus to Mt. Shasta. It came to me very strongly that the two had been important pyramid points to form a triangle.

As soon as I arrived home I did some research and found that before becoming a volcano, Mt. Mazama had been a powerful mountain, somewhere over 12,000 foot high. This would make it a little less than equal to Mt. Shasta, which is over? 14,000 feet in height. But, I thought, Mt. Mazama would have been much more of an equal to Mt. Shasta than Mt. McLoughlin, which is only 9495'. In my excitement over finding what I considered to be Mt. Shasta’s lost twin, I could hardly wait to measure on the air chart to see where the triangle point came out. Expecting to find a third mountain, as in the smaller triangle between Mt. Shasta, Mt. McLoughlin and Preston Peak (see Diagram 1), I was dismayed to find nothing more than the very protected, secluded Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area. There was one small mountain., slightly to the north)called Pearson Peak, but it was only 5100 foot high --- hardly a triplet to impressive Mt. Shasta and phenomenal Crater Lake (See Diagram 2.) I noted too that this larger triangle followed some of the same lines as the lesser one (note Mt. McLoughlin in the center of diagram 2). Kind of a double power, I mused!

Diagram 2.


Feeling a bit disappointed that perhaps my theory about the important mountains being equal distances apart was just a coincidence in the first triangle, I gazed down at the air chart despondently. Then suddenly my eyes focused on a little sign just off the coast of Gold Beach, Oregon. It reads "MAGNETIC DISTURBANCE OF AS MUCH AS 6* EXISTS AT GROUND LEVEL BETWEEN CAPE SEBASTIAN AND GOLD BEACH." I marked a point mid-way between Gold Beach and Cape Sebastain Island the point was straight across, or due west from the peak of the triangle. (See Diagram 2.) Quickly my mind was a-glow with new thought. It is not only the pyramid-shaped mountains themselves, I found myself thinking, that form the triangles, but the supercharge that radiates from the top of the triangle - a supercharge capable of causing a magnetic disturbance! I recalled reading about pyramid power and how it was believed that there was a great deal of energy within the pyramid, but even more radiating from the top. That’s why some people have experimented by building a little shelf above a small pyramid to energize drinking water. The energy, they say, is greater in the water energized above the pyramid than the water that sets inside.

Thoughts continued to flood my mind. So, volcanic Mt. Mazama (still holds power at its base; even though it has lost its peak -or perhaps its peak is still there in the etheric. Anyway, it may still serve as an anchor point for a triangle just as though it were a mountain instead of a lake. Or perhaps, I mused, there might be an even higher source of power from the combination of mountains and bodies of water. As I was pondering this thought, a clear picture of Lake Tahoe came into my view - just as though someone had dropped a movie screen in front of my eyes. I spread out the next sectional air chart, taped them together, and began to measure the distance between Mt. Shasta and Lake Tahoe. Calculating the triangle between them, the ruler rested on a point Just off the coast of California at Point Arena. (See Diagram 3.) There at Point Arena was another of those little signs. This one read: MAGNETIC DISTURBANCE OF -AS MUCH AS 8* EXISTS ALONG THE SHORE AT SEA LEVEL BETWEEN POINT ARENA AND GUALALA." Ah ha, I thought to myself, Point Arena --- I've read about that! That's where the San Andreas Fault leaves the land mass of California and heads out into the Pacific Ocean. So perhaps the placement of the mountains and lakes and the triangles between them, have a great bearing on the magnetic disturbances, which in turn have a great bearing on the fault lines!

Diagram 3.


To alleviate the possibility that these two magnetic disturbances might be just a coincidence, I checked the air charts thoroughly for other magnetic disturbances along the West Coast. There was one farther down in California - close to the Mexican border. It was on an island off the coast of San Diego - called San Clemente. Parallel to the San Andreas Fault line, I thought to myself. The sign there: "MAGNETIC DISTURBANCE OF AS MUCH AS 5* EXISTS AT SEA LEVEL IN THE VICINITY OF SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND." (This will be further explained in diagrams 13 and 14.) Further checking the charts, I found four magnetic disturbances in the Portland, Oregon area. They were a little Inland from the coast line rather than right on the coast as the previous three had been. (This will be further explained in diagrams 4 and 6.) Before I could finish connecting my thoughts with what I was discovering on the map, the words COLUMBIA FAULT flashed Into my mind, as though paced there divinely. So, I summarized mentally, the magnetic disturbances seem to have a bearing on either the San Andreas or the Columbia Faults --- the two major fault lines along the West Coast! Very interesting.

At the time I was not sure how the Portland, Oregon magnetic disturbances correlated with the mountains, as-I had not been flying in the area. But just as always seems to happen in my life, there was the hand of guidance at work. Unexpectedly, we had occasion to fly and visit relatives there, which gave me the chance to observe. I was very impressed with gorgeous Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and of course Washington's exquisite Mt. Rainier, which could be seen in the distance.

Back home once again, I began making further calculations on the air charts. The triangle point of equal distances between Mt. Hood and Mt. Rain6er came out on the Columbia River, near Astoria. (See Diagram 4.) Again the partnership of mountains and water, I thought, only this time a river instead of a lake. And not just a river either, as the Columbia River is the most important river in Oregon!

Diagram 4.

Diagram 5

The spine of old man west coast


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