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Geometry of Stonehenge and Glastonbury
based on John Michell's Dimensions of Paradise

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The English Cathedrals of Worcester, Gloucester, and Hereford, where the modern Three Choirs Festivals are held, are almost equidistant from each other, thus forming an equal-sided triangle near the centre of which is the Whiteleafed Oak where the three counties meet. That spot is the secluded centre of the archaic Circle of Pepetual Choirs by which the enchantment of Britain was formerly maintained. Three of the Choirs were located at Stonehenge, at Glastonbury and near Llantwit Major in Wales. Others appear to have been at Goring-on-Thames and at Croft Hill in Leicestershire, a traditional site of ritual, legal and popular assemblies." [page 93]

"There is a curious symmetry about the positioning of the three Perpetual Choirs in Britain. Stonehenge and Llantwit Major are equidistant from Glastonbury, some 38.9 miles away, and two straight lines drawn on the map from Glastonbury to the other two choirs form an angle of 144 degrees...The axis of Glastonbury Abbey points toward Stonehenge, and there is some evidence that it was built on a stretch on ancient trackway which once ran between the two Choirs." [page 92]

Elsewhere Michell makes plain that 72, 144 and 288 are angles basic to Atlantis.

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