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Proven Results with the Super Imploder
The EarthStar Diamond over Europe

Close-up of the grid over Europe

The diamond-pattern line superimposed on our map
shows a transcontinental system of energy ley lines, including the "Michael Line".

By Bethe Hagens and Bill Becker.

Reprinted in Anti-Gravity and the World Grid.
Most of the line has been confirmed by dowsing.
The correspondence with the UVG 120 sphere is apparent.

In triangle 11-20-2, we find Oxford (2); North Sea oil deposits (4-5-6);
Rotterdam (9); Hameln, village of the Pied Piper (17); Berlin (13);
Chartres (17); Alta Mira (24); Frankfort (19); Barcelona (35);
Cordoba (32); Hamburg (12); and Lourdes (line 24-36).

In triangle 20-2-1, we find Athens (10); Delphi (19); and Assisi, home of St. Francis (43).

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