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excerpts from

The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral,
by Louis Charpentier

Chartres Cathedral

The constellation of Virgo and the pattern of Notre Dames in France.

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[my notes, reprinted without permission] AND MORE...
Maurice Leblanc had...noted...that the Benedictine Abbeys of the Caux country trace on Earth the form of the Great Bear.

...fields which surround Glastonbury...befigure the twelve signs of the Zodiac.
Charpentier p.31

[caption] The constellation of Virgo and the pattern of Notre Dames in Paris
Charpentier p. 30

[caption] a dolmen... resembles the... xylophone.
Charpentier p. 40

From the ogive the "creators" of Gothic went on to derive much more by a process of “crossing” it. They found the secret of the musical stone, the stone under tension, a secret lost when men lost the science of transporting the huge dolmen-tables.

The crossed ogive is built on the principle of the transformation of lateral into vertical thrust. It is a sum of forces in which the vault no longer weighs down but springs upward under the lateral counterthrust of buttresses. If it is to last, the Gothic monument requires perfect adjustment between weight and thrust; the weight that creates the thrust becomes itself its own negation. The activity in the stone is therefore in a state of constant tension which the art of the master builder can tune like a harp string. For a Gothic cathedral is not only a musical instrument by similitude.

The Gothic, built up on a dynamic of pressures, handles forces directed upwards. The Romanesque vault collapses, the Gothic leaps.

...One can easily see that this pile of stone so taut, according to Claudel, "that you could make it ring with a fingernail," is a replica of the dolmen and imitates its use of the telluric currents.
pp. 43 - 49

12/ 10 is the interval of a third in music; the interval between the major and minor scales. p. 93

The square table at Chartres..."has obviously the same surface as the rectangular table... 23.192 m. But here we come on something extraordinary. The figure, 23.192 m, is strangely close to one tenth the side of the base of the Pyramid at Cheops... the surface of the pyramidal base is therefore one hundred times that of the Table of Chartres."
p. 100

The so-called Druid’s cord with twelve knots and thirteen equal segments [illustration p. 103]

And then, we have an astonishing fact. Apart from the carved screen, there was no sculpture within the cathedral at Chartres...The "tower of the choir" was begun in the XVIth century by Jean de Beauce...It is clear that immense pains were taken to deaden in no way the resonance of the building. One does not hang ornaments on a harp string.
p. 177

We are now in a place that was chosen for human utilization of a telluric current that surfaces and must have close analogies with currents that are magnetic. Now, it is a well-known effect of an electric current that all bodies in movement through its field acquire particular properties. This is in fact the way electricity is made, by causing a rotor to revolve in a magnetic field, natural or artificial.
p. 186

Chapter Sixteen
The musical mystery pp. 137 - 146
The geometric scale [illustration]
The transverse lengths correspond with the heights of the tone.

"Cubit of Chartres" 0.738 meters:
Width of the choir 20 units
Length of the choir 50 units
Length of the nave 100 units
Length of the transept 90 units
Height of the vault 50 units

What then is this cubit of 0.738 meters?
Quite simply, it is the hundred thousandth part of the degree of the parallel of latitude at Chartres.
p. 128

Reims is situated at 49 degrees 14 minutes North latitude, which gives a degree of parallel of about 71 kilometers. The "measure" of "cubit" should therefore be 0.71 meters. The length of Reims cathedral is 142 meters and the interior length of the transepts is close to the geometrical mean between 71 and 35.5 meters.

Amiens is situated at latitude 49 degrees 52 minutes North latitude, which would give a "cubit" of about 0.70 meters. The height of the vault is sixty times 0.70 meters and the length of the transepts is 70 meters.

There are many other "coincidences". [illustration p. 130] For example, the measure having served for the determination of the plan, 0.82 and the cubit, 0.738, are together in an astonishing relationship. Take a right-angled triangle in which one of the angles is of 48 degrees. The long side of the right angle is 0.82 m, the short side 0.738 m. And Chartres is very close to 48 degrees. We have at once the ratio of this parallel to its height over the equator.
p. 131

In "The Source of Measures", p. 172, Skinner says "Nork relates that the temple of Notre Dame in Paris, was formerly a temple of the goddess Isis, or the sign Virgo. On the temple was sculptured the zodiac with it’s signs; that of Virgo (Isis) was left out, because the whole temple was dedicated to her".

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