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Vortex Maps Power Pack: The EarthStar North America Map, laminated; EarthStar globe, Vortex Field Guide, Shasta Vortex Field Guide, Stonehenge Gardening Tips, Triangles from Mountains, Letters from the Vortex, Gaia Matrix, and EarthStars: London, City of Revelation
Only a few of the North America maps remain of the first printing of 361 numbered editions. They are only available in the Power Pack. $145 includes shipping.


Original Golden Vortex: single-sided, fixed-field vortex. White, approximately 1.45 inches (37 mm) diameter.

Elite Golden Vortex: Dynamic wave function, dual-sided vortex device powered by the "GV-II turbo." 33-facet diamond crown design. Natural plant-based medical-grade polymer casing, approximately 1.5 inches (40 mm) diameter. $144

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