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US Vortexes

US Vortexes 54 Miles Wide

By Dan Shaw and Nick Nelson.
Vortexes around the US and around the world have a common size.


What's a Vortex?
Supernatural Events
Vortexes 54 Miles in Diameter
Shape of a Vortex
Stonehenge: Ancient Vortex 108 Feet Across
Washington: Triangle of Vortexes
Oregon: Vortexes Galore
California: 216 Miles between Vortexes
Montana Vortex & House of Mystery: 54, 108 & 216
How to Map and Measure Vortexes
South Dakota: Whitehorse Vortex Forms a Yin Yang
Iowa - Missouri - Illinois Convergence
The Bermuda Triangle, Florida, & Southeastern States
Polar Circumference of Earth a Multiple of 27 miles
Nikola Tesla Patent for Transmitting Energy
21,600 Minutes of Arc in a Circle
EarthStar Globe's 2,160-mile Triangles
Independent Confirmation of 54-mile Vortexes
The 54 Universe
Crooked Soley Crop Formation

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