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Gaia Matrix book

Arkhom and the Geometries of Destiny in the North American Landscape

by Peter Champoux and Friends

Cycles of Destiny


Part I - The Basics


1. Introduction Arkhom Early Sites, development of landscape geometries, discovery of the Arkhom geomatrix.

2. Geomantic Ley Corridors A brief history of geomancy, with New York City as example. Geomantic Ley Corridors, Unified Vector Geometry, geometry referenced to planetary lines, landscape, and cultural features. Description of specific ley corridors: Washington, Peacemaker, Empire, Appalachian, Liberty, Berkshire, Chakra, Monadnock, and Base leys.

3. Sacred Geometry 101 Introduction to sacred geometry including the phi ratio, vesica piscis, pentagon, hexagon, and heptagon. Their application in religious architecture and the Great Pyramid.

4. Three Mountains Triangle of Mounts Ascutney, Washington, and Mansfield in northern Vermont and New Hampshire keys geometries of entire continent. The Element of Earth.

5. The Circle of Twelve Twelve points derived from the expansion of the mountain triangle. Symbolism of twelve, with thirteenth point at center. Education and community as their unifying sense of place. The Element of Water.

6. The Power of Seven Symbolism of seven. Solstice and equinox alignments reveal solar temple. Arkhom's clockwise spin field. The Element of Fire.

7. The Compass Rose The Ossipee Range and Lake Winnipesaukee key a miniature of the Arkhom geometry, oriented to geographic North.

8. The Four Directions The completion of the four directions of the core geometry. New York City viewed as sexual organs of this terrestrial biology. The Element of Air and the Four Winds.

9. The Chakra Systems The Chakra Ley, from the crown at the clear waters of Lake Willoughby in northern Vermont, to the polluted root in southern Connecticut. Sense of place qualities related to each chakra. River systems. The Element of Ether.

Part II - Its Alive!

10. Harmonic Expansion Core Arkhom geometry as center of North American tectonic plate and Gaia Matrix. Expansion of Gaia Matrix across continent by harmonic rings. Parallels to growth of nation. Tectonic plate as Yin/Yang balance point for planet, manifesting Spirit of the Earth. Antarctica as fractal of planet's circumference. Poles carry Spirit of the Cosmos. Sai Baba and Bangalor India emanate Spirit of the Mind.

11. Inner Life Center of Gaia Matrix expresses gaian qualities of education, agriculture, cooperation, spirituality, the arts, health, peace, and matriarchal power. Highlights Sojourner Truth.

12. The Universal Ark Makes case for Gaia Matrix as a living ark. Goethanum and Universel as examples of sacred places for all peoples. The need for a Universal Ark for the new millennium.

13. The Cycles of Destiny The four ages of American civilization: childhood (Boston and the revolution), adolescence (the Erie Canal and westward expansion), adulthood (New York City and America's rise to power), and old age (Vermont and wisdom). Emerging wisdom phase characterized by "green" values of sustainability - ecology, community, peace.

Part III - The Becoming

14. The Three Democracies Equidistant from the center of the Gaia Matrix, nested within the first harmonic, lie the three sites that gave rise to North America's great democracies Seneca Falls, Philadelphia, Montreal. Seneca Falls embodied matriarchal culture of Iroquois people and the Peacemaker; later gave force to international women's movement. Philadelphia birthed essentially patriarchal American democracy. Montreal gave rise to Dominion of Canada. Landforms of Montreal indicate holistic balance of masculine and feminine. Wisdom cycle focused on North may express new international culture of gaian balance in Montreal.

15. The Three Biomes Expanding from the rings of the three democracies, the three biomes nest between two rings of the Gaia Matrix. Pilot Biome identifies power points of Southern confederacy, embraces ancient Mississippian mound sites. Maritime Biome identifies all Maritime capitals plus Quebec City and Augusta Maine. Centers on island town of Fatima, like Montreal dedicated to Mary. Great Lakes Biome is fractal of Finger Lakes/Seneca Falls. Pentagonal form identifies lakes and major cities.

16. Masonic Age Masonic influence on design of cities in Gaia Matrix. Aztec god Xochipilli central icon of Washington DC. John Brown, the Secret Six, geomantic importance of Harpers Ferry. Three revolutions: first brought religious/political liberty, second physical freedom from slavery third is just beginning.

17. The Western Wheels Landscape energy wheels nested in next harmonic of Gaia Matrix. Dorothy Leon, Great Western Wheel centered on Grand Teton. Energetic dynamic and interplay of this with Four Corner Wheel and Hopi Wheel. Importance of Hopiland to America. Subliminal Mormon geomancy, relation to Gaia Matrix. Yucatan wheel links Mexico City, New Orleans. Inuit wheel scribes new province of Nunavut, Magnetic North.



This section gives voice to related expressions of the evolving Gaia Mind.

Bethe HagensBethe, who with William Becker discovered the Unified Vector Geometry (popularly known as the earth grid), explores this as the "Philosopher's Stone" that may once have provided the organizing principle for all human cultures. She also discusses what she calls the Celestial Basket, the heavenly counterpart of the UVG. World history, Plato, precession of equinoxes.

William Stuart Buehler Researcher and minister William Buehler offers an esoteric interpretation of the core Arkhom geometry viewed through the Reshel Grid, a geometry also found in European sacred sites, churches, and landscape geometries. The purpose of the Reshel and thus Arkhom is to help us awaken to a fuller spectrum of consciousness.

Henry P. MacLean Architect Henry MacLean lays out a vision of the sustainable city, focusing on Boston, including a proposed ecological renovation of City Hall that would save energy and millions of dollars. He proposes a regional environmental center as part of the renovation. This Gaia Matrix site would then send forth a new revolutionary message into continental consciousness that of a practical, sustainable culture.

List of Gaia Matrix Points
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