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Proven Results with the Super Imploder
Geomantic Earth Maps
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On the World Grid

Overlay this pattern on the globe to see minor points.

Close-up of the grid over Europe
Zoom in on Europe

Close-up of the grid over Africa
Zoom in on Africa

Earth Grid on Australia

corner detail of map
Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
Sedona, Arizona
East Coast
West Coast

Zoom in on the U.S.

EarthStar geometry is reflected in the sky
Zoom OUT to the Universe

Geometry and Music are universal languages

Map Distances Correspond with Music and Color

3-4-5 Triangle

EarthStar 3-4-5 Triangle & Sacred Geometry

the sum of the 'platonic' solidsthe sum of the 'platonic' solids

Numerology of the EarthStar Grid

Tree of Life projected onto Earth Grid
The "Tree of Life" is a symbol of sacred geometry from Jewish mysticism, Kabalah.

How can I get a map of my area?

UVG triangle points numbered
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