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Frequently Asked Questions

Overlay this pattern on the globe to see minor points.

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Can I get a map of my area?

Yes! When you buy the EarthStar globe, you also receive a diamond-shaped grid ("graticule") to overlay on the sections to indicate secondary points.
Take a look at the grid overlaid on Europe and Africa, or just the triangle with points numbered.

How does Bucky Fuller’s Dymaxion globe relate to the world grid?

Fuller’s projection is 20 triangles. The world grid is the combination of all the Platonic solids. Dymaxion shows temperature and population. The world grid shows natural features and sacred places, and tends to correspond with many unique and diverse geologic and biologic features. The world grid is an ancient model, it derived from geometry, the same geometry which Bucky Fuller called "Unified Vector Geometry".

What does it mean, that the world has a geometric energy grid?

That the Earth, like all things in creation, has a geometric nature, is apparently an obscure but ancient wisdom. As our models of reality become more accurate, they become more useful. The world grid is a useful model because Earth does have a geometric quality. Humanity is adept at recognizing pattern, and it is exhilerating to see pattern emerge where before one saw only apparent chaos. Once the laws governing the physical phenomena are known, then order is apparent. It is essential for humanity to overcome its perceived separation from Nature, and to recognize that the Earth is our body. We are immersed in the energy fields of the planet, gravitational and electro-magnetic, and our own cells maintain electrical properties which we are just beginning to understand. We receive solar radiation, and are influenced by lunar gravity. Our own planet is surrounded by a high-energy ionosphere, and the Earth is experiencing continual electric and magnetic storms. We subject ourselves to increasing amounts of radio waves and other artifical electro-magnetic fields. How is the human energy field effected by the electromagnetic field and other environmental energy fields? It is without question that certain artificially generated fields can be detrimental to plant and animal life. The converse then must also be true, that man can produce fields that are beneficial to life. NASA is actively involved in generating magnetic fields in space for growing crystals. Can cell growth and health be uninfluenced by external fields? It is another question again whether the exceedingly small variances in the natural energy fields of the Earth can be perceived by humans. The honey bee is sensitive to changes in the Earth’s energy field down to the minute increment of 10 nanoteslas. Why not humans, then? Many types of animals are known to act strangely when there is an impending earthquake. Could there be a link?

I propose that the energies of the Earth’s field are a vital element in humanity’s spiritual evolution. Energy coming to the Earth, and coming from the Earth takes on a geometric form. The energy has different qualities according to its source and its expression in the geology. It is possible to build tools and structures which collect and direct Earth energies. These tools can heal, or they can kill. The degree that we allow and respect the Earth’s nature is the degree to which we will be able to master this energy. The life force energy is available to all of us infinitely wherever we are. We can open to receive infinite energy, becoming infinite ourselves, to experience the grand climax of our alchemy, the shattering of illusion, and our reunion with everything.

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