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Dan Shaw
Proven Results with the Super Imploder

VortexMaps Catalog 2015


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globe vortex map

EarthStar Globe Handbook

north America vortex map

EarthStar North America Map Handbook

Shasta Vortex Field Guide booklet

Stonehenge Gardening booklet

Dan Shaw vortex research. The Power of Place: How I learned about the Vortex Maps. // Geometric Calendars and Maps: Mayan Calendar Corresponds to EarthStar Globe // Timesickness & Healing Calendars. A prescription for the hectic modern life. // Geometry of Consciousness and Geometric Maps

Rosetta VortexMaps.com sampler disk contents

Geography-Geometry Lesson Plan

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Nick Nelson:
Golden Vortex

A Vortex in Oregon (Chapter 1)
Golden Coincidences (Chapter 8)
About the Golden Vortex Device



Vortex Field Guide

Vortex Field Guide:
The Montana Vortex
Mystery Hill, North Carolina
2: Vortex Height Change
5: Active in the U.S.
"Primary" chapter


Barbara Hero
Eyes + Ears = Ideas

Lambdoma Resonant Harmonic Scale
Music Graphs
The Glass Bead and Knot Theory of Relationship


Fresh Ink: poetry by Dan Shaw
New Poems from the Old World:
4 poems I wrote in Europe in 2006

EarthStar globe


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