Egyptian Connection:

There are many little hints that there is a connection between the history of Nova Scotia and other ancient civilizations. Things such as the structures found on Oak Island, those that others and I have found, and, perhaps most convincingly, the similarity between an ancient Mi'kmaq scripting language and Ancient Egyptian.

When the first French Catholic Priests came to Nova Scotia, they found the Mi'kmaq (Mic-Mac) people using a glyphic language to communicate. They would scratch the glyphs on bark or rock and send them afar. In 1651 - 52 the French Priest, Father Gabriel Druillette, and in 1676 Christien LeClercq, sort of took responsibility {people then and now seem to be reluctant to imagine that the existing North American civilization was anything other than a group of savages} for the language and defined it as a "new" method for the Mi'kmaq to learn their bible lessons.

In 1845 a Priest named Christian Kauder was intrigued by this language {still believing it a product of Catholicism} and at great expense, had a very large series of hieroglyphic plates of Christian prayers and passages copied and sent to Vienna. The plates were used to create a set of books which were to be given back to the Mi'kmaq. However, the ship, which brought the books back to North America, was lost in the North Atlantic. The plates themselves were not destroyed. Using these plates, a book was made in 1995 called " Mi'kmaq Hieroglyphic Prayers - Readings in North America's First Indigenous Script". {Once again, implying that the French brought the first to the continent} This book is an unintentional record of what I believe to be an ancient civilized language structure in North America. The book makes no reference to anything other than the standard history, but speaks volumes between the lines. It is readily available here in NS through NIMBUS Publishing.


A gentleman {now deceased} named Dr. Barry Fell of Harvard University was able to detail in his book " America B.C.", many of these glyphs which match to an astonishing degree with what he calls an " ancient North African " style of glyphs. They were not translated until long after the time the French claim to have invented it. Please be warned.... Dr. Barry Fell is not considered very highly by academia. The status quo was shaken by his observations. He was not an anthropologist, but a respected marine biologist who had an interest in languages. Many of the world's trained anthropologists etc. are angered by his assertions and now, after his death, a new generation of people are trained to believe his work to be foolishness, without proper scientific accreditation. I question this stance.

The next three images are from one of two books:

" Mi'kmaq Hieroglyphic Prayers - Readings in North America's First Indigenous Script". Schmidt/Marshall. ISBN: 1-55109-069-4.

" America B.C." Barry Fell. ISBN: 0-8129-0624-1


A small section of "The Lord's Prayer" from the prayer book:


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