So, there is a thumbnail sketch of some of what I am doing. Unfortunately most of it is not listed here. There are also many {I tried to get as many as I could in} vague references to things that might spark a thought from someone.

I'll finish off with a few more. Many of the points in the grid are on the site of a Freemason Hall. Many are on the site of an Anglican Church. Many of the sites are on or near area that have been dyked to reclaim the salt marshes. Many are near areas that have been dammed, sometimes for no obvious reason. Many have a copse of Oak Trees. There is a correlation between the points and mineral deposits.


Here is a nice example of the sort of things I find: a Masonic hall, a phallic monument, in a most auspicious spot

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I've only drawn a few on the points on the maps. I can discuss in more detail with persons as time and life allows.