Mysteries in Nova Scotia

Note on October 2004: I just reposted my old web pages based on many requests {Many thanks to Dan Shaw}. I had hoped to update them before reposting them, but it is just not going to happen. Please note that things have changed incredibly since I first posted these pages. I have made some very strange findings, stranger friends, and I have come to some conclusions that I would never have guessed “way back then”. It turns out that the whole “mystery” is larger and more beautiful than I would ever have guessed, and at the same time, sort of normal and everyday… certainly not very exciting for treasure seekers and conspiracy theorists. If you, dear seeker, keep on your trail, I promise you will not be disappointed. If reading these pages help steer you in some direction or other, then I am pleased.

I leave the pages as they have always been. Any questions I asked in them have long ago been answered.



The task of creating a coherent web page that can stand, unexplained, to the view of the public is beyond my list of attainable goals at this time. Therefore, I am posting these thoughts and pictures for the use of the persons on the various listservers that I deal with regularly.

Basically, the following pages are a few pictures of the sorts of things I have been finding in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have stumbled upon a series of very large geometric figures that are marked by monuments that are often very old {pre-Columbian} and sometimes, surprisingly, very new. In the 10 + years that I have been researching this phenomenon, I have discovered a history of North America and humanity which is not told in the schools and texts. I have found a project that has been hidden from the general public, and has consumed the lives of many men throughout the ages toward a goal that, at this point, I can only make an intelligent guess.

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Overview: Some odd coincidences



More Geometry



Ancient Construction



More construction



And More



Yeah, a bit more



Monuments, new and old



An Egyptian Connection



Some Glyphs



Mapping and Secrets



Some more monuments



More monuments



Still more monuments

A site near Halifax

Some Walls near Halifax

The Big Picture