Some more Halifax alignments:


Somewhere in all this, I reacquaint myself with an old friend from my teen-age years. Amazingly it turns out that he has been working on a similar quest, specifically in the Halifax area. Some of the points that are in the other pages are in this area, and it appears that Prince Edward, Duke of Kent was particularly interested in large alignments here back in the 1800s. My delight at re-meeting Steven {Buzz} Slade and sharing our information is enormous.

For example, Steve and his wife Elaine took a Saturday morning recently to show me the "Bayer's Lake Mystery Walls". This is a beautiful set of stone walls that so far defy explanation. Local archeologists seem reluctant to admit that they are older than 1800 or so, but there is something very mysterious about the site. I am delighted that, despite their public denial, the Provincial Archeologists have named the site a "Special Place", which will halt all development in this very attractive property. I am also pleased to see signs of organized digs.

Here are some pictures that Steve and his wife have made and scanned for these pages:


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This is the view from below as one approaches the wall complex.


The Bayer's Lake Walls are documented in "Tracking Treasure: In search of East Coast Bounty" by William S. Crooker - ISBN 1-155109-229-8. This is a lovely book about several interesting mysteries in Nova Scotia, however, Mr. Crooker seems to be unaware of the larger geometry and the shocking connection between almost every mystery and interesting site in Eastern Canada {at least}.



This is a nice early spring shot showing the walls wending their way through the trees. The local professionals would have one believe that these and other stone structures are simply the result of farmers clearing fields, however this and several other interesting sites {including on the famous Oak Island} show the signs of rock wall making without the benefit of arable land anywhere near it!


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Here is another nice shot of part of the structure


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Risking life and limb for the quest, Buzz scaled a nearby tree to make this mosaic picture of one of the large structures. It is in an interesting formů or so I think!


I have a nice picture of Buzz leaning against one of the stone walls in my camera, ready to be developed. I think I'll embarrass him by posting it when it's developed.


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By the way, this site and many others in the Halifax area appear to be part of the larger alignment.