A curious geometry:

Here is a site I found recently. It is in the Halifax area. I have not yet quite figured out the geometry, but there has been an obvious attempt made, at some point, to arrange these very large stones into some coherent pattern. The "center stone" is a small version of a dolmen. The major alignment of the stones describes a line that is parallel with magnetic north. {Interestingly, north as defined by my compass today…}

A view from a distance. You can see a shape emerging.




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Here is the N/S alignment. Note the small dolmen at the centre.


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Here is another angle. My eldest 5' 7" son is sitting on a stone.





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I'm really hoping to spend a little more time there, perhaps to do a survey in order to plot the larger picture. The entire site occupies about 2 acres. I am going to get some air photos. Hopefully they will shed some light. Perhaps , if they do, I will scan it and add it to this page.