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Proven Results with the Super Imploder
Countries with Alignments of Sacred Sites

NEXT: Pentagon at Rennes-Le-Chateau, France also on Mars


Africa: Tree of Life

Australia Grid Map

Bolivia (Anti-Gravity)

China: Pyramids


England: Holy Hills

England: Kingship Line

England: Knowlton, Dorset

England: Somerset as Canis Major

England: Stonehenge and surrounding hilltops

England: Stonehenge heptagon

England: Stonehenge Three Choirs and relation to Glastonbury

England: Yorkshire

France: Chartres Cathedral

France: Rennes le Chateau

Germany, West


Mexico: Chichen Itza

Peru: Cuzco

Peru: Nazca

United States: Chaco Canyon

United States: East Coast

United States: Sedona, Arizona

United States: Oregon

United States: Seattle, Washington

United States: Washington D.C.

United States: West Coast


Guru Nanak Sikh Temple & Woking Mosque

World Geometry

Shamanism and the Mystery Lines, by Paul Devereux is one of the best references on this subject.

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