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Vortex Maps Power Pack: The EarthStar North America Map, laminated; EarthStar globe, Vortex Field Guide, Shasta Vortex Field Guide, Stonehenge Gardening Tips, Triangles from Mountains, Letters from the Vortex, Gaia Matrix, and EarthStars: London, City of Revelation
Only a few of the North America maps remain of the first printing of 361 numbered editions. They are only available in the Power Pack. $145 includes shipping.

Infinite Energy and Vortexes

There's an infinite amount of energy available everywhere, all the time, for our physical healing, psychic opening, and harmonizing the planet.

EarthStar Globe, just rotating

EarthStar globe assembly, fast motion

Actual assembly time about 15 minutes.

Shrink & Grow at the Montana Vortex

This is no optical illusion. No camera tricks. Visitors shrink and grow as they change places on a level platform. Fun at Montana Vortex!

golden-vortex-device Dan Shaw on the History Channel Brad Meltzer's Decoded Season 2, Episode 13 - Devil's Graveyard, Alaska. Buddy and McKinley changing places around Nick Nelson's Golden Vortex device (small yellow circle on pavement). They are laughing, seeing that they have apparently changed height. MORE

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