So here it is:

I have discovered a series of very large geometric figures on the landscape of Nova Scotia, Canada. Several types of markers, old and new mark them out:

For example, here is a map showing one of them: Click Here to see larger version.

The place names that make up the points are significant in that they all have the word "Cross" in either the current or historical names. The names in NS are likely to be Mi'kmaq, French or British, according to the period on NS history that they were named. i.e. St. Croix or Charing Cross .

The mathematics defining the figure is very precise, and the layout of the markers would impress a modern day surveyor.

Using a hand held GPS, I was able to find each of the points of intersection, and calculate and find the center point of each of the figures. There have been some interesting things there.

For example, at the center of another hexagram, I found a museum called Mt. Uniacke house, which is a rather lovely property named after its original grantee. The property has been given to the people of Canada, and his home made into a museum. There are many interesting things about the property and most of them are not advertised in the brochure. For example, at the very point on the property that the center of the hexagram would be, there is bizarre monument:

When I asked the museum staff how this oddity came to be on the property, they told me that an Anglican Priest placed it there in the mid 1800s. Nobody knows why, but they assume that it represents the triumph of good over evil. Click for larger version.

I asked if the curator if she was aware of the significance of the placement of the monument. She was not, nor was she really interested in speculating.

The point that the monument occupies is at the center of one of the hexagrams {all of which are exactly the same size}, and is a point that 'joins' or 'ties' all of the other figures and is related to several other Nova Scotian mysteries. I have found several nice explanations for what the symbol means to various groups. If you have any thoughts, please email them to me.


This is interesting, This image shows the top of the "cross and serpent" monument. A spike with a square iron washer has been driven through the top. Anyone familiar with surveying techniques will instantly recognize the intent.


Click for larger image