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Proven Results with the Super Imploder
Grid Points, Atomic detonations, & particle accelerators

Bruce Cathie, in his numerous books on the grid, demonstrates that nuclear detonations can only occur on the grid, and at certain specific times.
Elsewhere on the WWW, other grid researchers have noted that particle accelerators are located on grid points. Here are three of these references. If any one else can shed light on this topic, please email me.

Aside from nuclear installations, the government has involvement in many, many other grid points; military bases, satellite communication facilities (such as at Point #14), and The Pentagon

World Grid Points with Known Nuclear Materials
Lop Nor, China. Test Site

EarthStar North AmericaGrid Points with Known Nuclear Materials
Los Alamos Labs
Las Vegas. Test Site.
San Onofre. Power plant.
Lawrence Livermore Lab. Farallon Islands dump site.

Now here's where things get even more interesting. It has been known for at least a few years now and was commented on in “Montauk Air Force Station--Active Or Not”, that particle accelerators are definitely in use in a number of locations on Long Island, such as at Brookhaven Labs, Montauk Air Force Station, and a number of underground locations in between these two sites. Despite endless denials and blank stares from Brookhaven flak catchers and their cohorts, there is positive proof of the existence of such accelerator units at Brookhaven, at Camp Hero and elsewhere underground on eastern Long Island including in the Westhampton pine barrens. MORE


Also from J. King:

Below is a partial list of possible grid manipulators and where in the grid they are placed, along lines between the known major grid points. Keeping in mind that a map skews the grid lines somewhat, I have used a globe to see exactly where the grid planes lie for this list.

Fermilab: Greenland and Teotihuican
Triumf: Greenland and Kiribati
DESY: Magnetic North and Giza
CERN: Greenland and Giza
HAARP: Magnetic North and Kiribati (Note that Midway Is falls on this line also)
EISCAT: Magnetic North and Giza
HISCAT: Magnetic North and Giza
Aricebo: Greenland and Cuzco
HIPAS: Magnetic North and Olgas, Australia
Poker Flats: Magnetic North and Olgas
Millstone Hill: Giza and Kiribati
NCAR: Haarp/Triumf/Teotihuican
SRI: Magnetic North and Greenland
a. Kashina: Mongolia and Kiribati
b. Kansai/Kobe: Magnetic North and Olgas
c. Yamagawa: Tibet and Teotihuican
d. Okinawa: Giza and Kiribati
e. Goose Bay: Greenland and Cuzco
f. Iceland: Magnetic North and Giza
g. Kapaskasing: Greenland and Teotihuican
h. Saskatoon: Magnetic North and Teotihuican
i. Antartic: Giza and Kiribati


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