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Mayan calendar glyphs correspond to world regions

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On August 18, 1987 I was one of thousands of people celebrating a global event called Harmonic Convergence. Eight years later, I am still celebrating this event and gaining greater understanding of it. José Arguelles, the popularizer of the event which fulfilled ancient Mayan prophecy, is still active today, inciting people to burn their Gregorian calendars and to adopt the 13 moon calendar. The Gregorian calendar, imposed by Pope Gregory in the sixth century, is a Roman Catholic calendar designed to usurp the traditional, indigenous calendars that were in use by non-christians at that time. The Vatican wanted holidays observed in the tradition of the church; non-Christian observances were dependent on the cosmic calendar. Pope Gregory's plan to usurp the natural calendar has worked too well.

The Mayan calendar, the Egyptian, the Tibetan and the Jewish calendars all are based on moon cycles. The sacred body of woman embodies the 28-day moon cycle, and her well-being is tied intimately to her being attuned to this cycle. It is just as true that the health of all beings depends on being attuned and in synch with the cycles of the universe. Many of the pathologies of modern society can be attributed to a kind of time-sickness. One way this manifests is in sleep disorders and adrenal weakness. In this time it is essential for us to harmonize ourselves with the cosmic cycles.

The Mayan calendar reflects the actual movements of not just the moon, but also the planet Venus, the Pleiades, and the precession of the equinoxes, a cycle just short of 26,000 years. The precession of the equinoxes is fast approaching its "station", its place of renewal, in the year 2012.

Time perception is integral to consciousness. People who are dissociated from the cycle of day and night, (for example being deprived of sleep, or spending an extended time in a cave) experience a shift in consciousness. The Gregorian calendar is an artifice which separates us from nature's cycles and which we would do well to discard quickly. The Gregorian calendar is linear, but time and the universe are geometric, multi-dimensional and spiral. Terence McKenna supports this view in Invisible Landscape, and has released calendric computer software entitled Timewave Zero. 90,000 investors follow the Elliott Wave Theory, which involves a moon calendar with a geometric (Fibonacci) spiral.

Calendars can either bring us more in tune with time, or distort and obscure our perception of time. Maps either enhance or inhibit our perception of the earth. Because a map is not the territory, every map to some degree misrepresents its subject. Most maps are designed to show man-made features such as roads, dams, artificial boundaries of states and other political creations. Fortunately, new maps are being produced based on the bioregional paradigm. Natural features such as watershed, and animal and plant ranges determine the content of bioregional maps. These maps often evolve from the need for local political organizations to see their place in a more meaningful and useful way than the standard maps depict. Boundaries of Home: Mapping for Local Empowerment thoroughly explores the power of maps to unify people. As men follow the moon calendar, they harmonize with all women. As Pope Gregory knew, calendars have a profound ability either to unify people, or to dissociate people from the past, each other, and their environment. Burning a Gregorian calendar is a subversive act.

The EarthStar globe and EarthStar North America map depict the natural geometry of the Earth, without superimposing any artificial constructs. The Earth, as Plato related in the Timaeus, is a dodecahedron. Ancient civilizations around the world sited and constructed their megaliths according to this spherical geometry. Anti-Gravity and the World Grid is the classic reference on this subject. Not only ancient civilizations, but even the builders of Washington D.C. and the Pentagon based their architecture on the world grid. The EarthStar globe illustrates the unity of the Great Pyramid, Chichen Itza, Easter Island and the Bermuda Triangle to name only a few of the many related enigmas on this planet. When the tetrahedron is nested inside a sphere with one point at either the North or South pole, the other three points fall at 19.5 degrees (either south, or north, respectively). These figures define our Sun's path above and below the equator known as the ecliptic. Richard Hoagland has shown that this location correlates the Cydonia complex on Mars including the famous Face, and features on other planets, such as the red spot on Jupiter. There is a five-sided pyramid at Cydonia in which Fred Mills has recognized the multi-dimensional equation, "pi equals six fifths times phi squared". We can only conjecture why the artifact was constructed to embody multi-dimensional geometry. Is it possible that the pyramid's builders had mastered dimensional travel, that they were from, or went to another dimension?

The North American continent is defined by a triangle whose points are: Bermuda; Buffalo Lake, Alberta; and Cerro Cubabi, Baja California. Within this triangle, the Grand Tetons is at the center of a nearly perfect circle of significant mountains and bodies of water almost 1400 miles in diameter. Nineteen major points are evenly spaced around the circumference, including Sedona, Arizona, and Mt. Shasta, California. (See below.) A person standing on Mt. Shasta is directly connected to the Grand Tetons, and to all the other points on the circle. Numerologically, 19 symbolizes unity because it reduces to 1. Nineteen "equals" 1+9=10 which reduces to 1. Also, 19 squared = 361, one degree more than a full circle. One degree is known as "the divine needle".

Indigenous time is directly connected to the sacred geometry of the Earth. The Mayan calendar is based on 20 glyphs, beginning with Dragon and ending with Sun. Each day is ruled by one of these glyphs. The modern day Quiché Maya visit shrines at different locations each day and perform daily rituals. "As above, so below," The 20 glyphs also correspond to 20 of the points on the EarthStar globe, to points on North America, and undoubtedly to points in the sky. Each day, certain points are 'activated'. On the Dragon day, this would be the Enderby abyssal plain, a point in southern symmetry with the Great pyramid, on the same great circle; on the Sun day, Loch More, Scotland, near Findhorn community is the corresponding world grid point. In North America, each day one of the points is activated. Dragon is the Grand Teton, at the center, and Sun is Lake Louise, Alberta. Mt. Shasta relates to the Warrior glyph and on the world grid, to Hudson Bay, which is the Earth's magnetic north pole. Warrior days include: July 28th, August 17th, September 6th, September 26th, and October 16th, (1996) Gregorian. In the Mt. Shasta bioregion, when we are tuned in to these Warrior days of the 20-day cycle, we will experience more synchronicities and miracles in our lives.

The Twenty Mayan Calendar Glyphs
and Their Correspondence to World Grid Points
and to Points on North America

0. Imix dragon Enderby abyssal plain/ Grand Tetons
001. Ik wind edge of Hebrides trench, southwest of Fiji/ Sullivan Lake and Red Deer River
002. Akbal night near Great Abaco Island, Bahamas/ North Saskatchewan River
003. Kan seed marshy lowlands west of Tobolsk, USSR/ Qu'appele River
004. Chicchan serpent midway between Kerguelen and Wilkes abyssal plains/ Souris River
005. Cimi world bridger Easter Island fracture zone/ James River
006. Manik hand El Eglab, Algeria/ Missouri River
007. Lamat star Sea of Okhotsk/ Platte River
008. Muluc moon edge of Scott fracture zone/ Arkansas River
009. Oc dog edge of continental shelf southeast of Rio de Janiero/ Cimarron River
010. Chuen monkey Karachi/ Mt. Taylor
011. Eb human Gulf of Alaska/ Mt. Humphrey and Sedona, Arizona
012. Ben skywalker Eltanin fracture zone/ Colorado River (Lake Mead and Lake Mohave)
013. Ix wizard intersection of mid-Indian and southwest Indian ridges/ Mt. Whitney
014. Men eagle Iwo Jima ridge near Challenger deep/ Lake Tahoe
015. Cib warrior Hudson Bay/ Mt. Shasta
016. Caban Earth south Sandwich fracture zone/ Three Sisters
017. Etznab mirror Wharton Basin, tip of Wallabi plateau, known as "Cyclone alley" / Mt. Rainier
018. Cauac storm northeast of Hawaii/ Okanagan Lake
019. Ahau sun Loch More on west coast of Scotland near Findhorn community/ Lake Louise and Mt. Temple

by Daniel Shaw

western North American Power Points
Nineteen mountains and bodies of water form a nearly perfect circle.
EarthStar Western North America from Dorothy Leon.

José Argüelles
Harmonic Convergence, Dreamspell, and much more.

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