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geometric earthHunab Ku, Maya symbol for Giver of Movement and Measure

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Maya Calendar and José Argüelles:

José correlates the 20 day glyphs with places on the earth.

Daniel correlates the day glyphs with places on the western North America EarthStar map.

Timesickness and healing calendars.

An Interview with José Argüelles by Antero Alli
Excerpted from All Rites Reversed c 1986

End of Mechanical Time, by José

Planet Art Reports, by José, from The Sacred Theory of the Earth, by Frick

Face on Mars by José Argüelles

I Ching and Tzolkin: Genetic and Galactic Codes(illustration)

Bio and Annotated Bibliography

Sedona: Beyond the Vortex, by Richard Dannelley. Combines EarthStar Maps, Maya Calendar

Meso-American Sacred Sites and Beyond: Geometry, Alignment & Mapping


Human-Earth Energy Field
Galactic Solstice 2012

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Washington, D.C.
Yin and Yang Points
Tree of Life on Africa
SkyStar Geometry
19.5 degrees
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Grid Theory
Chris Bird
12 Devil's Triangles
Piri Reis Map
Grid Workers
MR Triangle

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