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May 8, 2004
World-wide Medicine Wheel Ceremony
Drumming to Reconnect All Points to
The Four Grandmothers Standing Tall (Grand Tetons)

Closing door with respect Please read this message from on of our elders...it about closing the ceremony, called closing door with respect...please take this message to the heart..thanks Bennie

Medicine Wheel Gathering of May 8th, 2004

Emailed by Hopi Elder, dee see mana, Katherine Cheshire
Touch the Earth Foundation

Honoring Black Elk

(Black Elk Speaks as told through John G. Neihart)

Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being.

And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was HOLY!"

The Medicine Wheel

Important Concepts of the Medicine Wheel

Symbols express and represent meaning. Meaning helps provide purpose and understanding in the lives of the human beings. Indeed, to live with our symbols is to experience existence far short of its full meaning. Ways of expressing and representing meaning, including the symbol systems of mathematics, spoken and written languages and the arts, are often in our "Rock art" petroglyphs and other information left by our ancient cultures.

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient symbol used by almost all the Native people of North and South America. There are many different ways this basic concept is expressed: the four grandfathers, the four winds, the four cardinal directions, and many other relationships that can be expressed in sets of four. Just like a mirror can be used to see things not normally visible (behind us or around a corner), the medicine wheel can be used to help us see or understand things we can't quite see or understand because they are ideas and not physical objects.

The medicine wheel teaches us that we have four aspects to our nature; the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. Each of these aspects must be equally developed in a healthy, well-balanced human being through the development and use of volition and shear human will.

The Potential

Potentially the seed has a mighty tree within it. The four aspects of our nature -- the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual-- are like seeds. They have the potential to grow into grand gifts for all Land and Life, or lay dormant for mischief to master and over mind our good intentions.

The old ones taught me that these powerful tools could be used in a good way to reflect as a mirror does the Universal Door to Truth and Understanding, and in today's world the most needed is BALANCE.

May I share with you a teaching from the Old Ones as you prepare for this Day of prayer for the Human family and Mother Earth, May 8th, especially the sacred Waters and Peace?

Maybe you are not able to come to the ceremony and you want to do something in your own home, village, town or local sacred mountain or spring. I pray that you remember the teaching of never leaving a door open you do not know how or when to close.

If we leave our doors open all the time, think about it. What would happen in the winter -- snow in your shoes, on your bed, or, in the summer -- the heat of the summer could be sweltering. Who would be invited to your open door? Could it be someone with your best interest or even with intent to harm you?

When we open a door, such as a "Medicine Wheel", we must be mindful that the spirits are of our pure intentions; they are gifted and hosted with corn meal or tobacco in some parts of the world. Then, after the ceremony, give thanks and close the door behind you so mischief will not change your intentions of Universal Balance and Peace.

Think of our Brothers from Tibet, they often make Mandalas and often they take many days, even months, to accomplish. And after the ceremony the prayers and divine message and Mirror to the Universe is destroyed and returned to Mother Earth as the Reflection is already in the other worlds.

We live in the world of temporality and so it must be destroyed so the intention will not be misused or become stagnant.

So when you do the Drumming Circles, and I have been given a spirit vision many will try to make "medicine wheels" in your homes or community; so I send a cry that if you do so, do not forget to give thanks; do not forget when you leave the sacred spot, dismantle the circle.

If you do not know how to open and close the door -- this is not for everyone to know -- but be honest about it and hold your circle, give thanks, Drum at these times, share your hearts, prayers and feelings and healings. Let us help the best we can all over the world all peoples of the world. Let us help this vision of all the peoples being the Human Family together in one thought and one prayer for peace.

In all my traveling, I so often come across situations where people only know how to sing the chants -- they read a book, saw a movie or even a ceremony and then set out the sign saying come, I know, not understanding what they mean or how to get out of the situation they created. Even with the best intentions, they get sick or have to call on someone to help them out because of harm caused to others.

I know this May 8 ceremony is about Healing and Balance, so let it begin with each and every one of us, in a good way. Give thanks before, Give thanks after, and do not hang on. Mother Earth will be here for us to Pray another day, and with another wheel, with proper prayers and intention, all is possible. Or possibly the same ones that have guardians 24 hours a day 7 days a week, this is what the elders have taught.

Blessings and Balance, from Balance All Blessings Flow,

In Peace, dee see mana, Katherine Cheshire

To all of those who will be gathering
Hi Yo, my brothers and sisters for peace and harmony. I am sending this writing forward to all to read this wonderful message from a fellow spiritual leader and advisor a messeger of sacred wisdom. His name is Dane Larson a Cherokee. Please pass this information to all of those who will be gathering at your areas of the 19+1=20 Ceremony...many Blessings to us all....Bennie LeBeau----May 2nd 2004

Honorable Beings of Mother Earth

The traditional methods of teaching come from an oral tradition. They have been whispered, spoken, chanted, drummed and danced fro hundreds of thousands of years, and they are imbued with the mystery of starlight, firelight, dawnlight. It is now that these sacred teachings are to be passed to all so that they may kindle within our heart a great joy in the gift of life; in having friends, family, co-workers, a community to live and learn with; and in the opportunity to renew in this time the Sacred Hoop of life on this planet. So recognize these words as a carrier wave for wisdom's pure light.

Their intention is to strengthen individual's relationships with their families, communities, nations and the land, the Earth herself. I invite people to be in good fellowship and to respect the teachings of their family of origin. Thus may we all cooperate in manifesting a vision of peace.

These words themselves, or the symbols that make up the words, they are a small part of the interaction of the reader and creations. Life and death, manifestation and formlessness, are all within the circle, which spirals out through all dimensions. And so patterns of the past echo in the present and resound through the future. Our timekeeping systems reflect the spiral as interlocking wheels of energy and consciousness ever in majestic motion together. During these cycles of time certain teachers continue to manifest in Americas to express the same essence, the same wisdom and they come at appropriate times to remind the people of harmony.

According to the ancient teachings and calendar, a great darkness would fall upon the peoples with the end of the cycle of worlds called the thirteen heavens. Over five hundred years age (1531) a Council of Elders of the Red Nations of North, South and Central American was called to ensure the survival of the sacred teachings through the coming age of darkness. At that time the teachings were hidden within the home fires, in secret societies within family lines, to sustain the people through the times to come. On April 21, 1519 Cortes landed in Mexico and his coming wrought great destruction upon the land and the people that has lasted for close to 500 years. Yet the wisdom has survived within the home fireplaces, awaiting a time when the people would be of one heart, awaiting sturdy vessels to carry the fire out.

Thus for hundreds of years the sacred teachings have been kept hidden. In the late 1960's and early 70's different Elders of different tribes and bands decided that the time had come to share some of these sacred teachings with all those of good heart who were dedicated to manifesting peace.

Within these teachings are particular methods of training used in the ancient priest craft, entailing steps of development and example: teachings suitable for all people morals, manners and ethics. Practices for purifying ignorance and obscuration, for clarifying mind, for pacifying afflicting emotions, illusions and suffering for magnetizing the good and for actualizing the vision of peace and harmony held as a sacred ember within the heart of every being. These sacred teachings call upon one to become the best human being one can possible be to fulfill ones' unmanifest potential for the good of all beings.

In 873 B.C., as people began to forget some to their wise teachings, there came a teacher known as the Pale One to rekindle the sacred fires and reaffirm the basic principles of creation, that the temples might ever resound with the light of clear mind and the people live in harmony with Earth and one another. When the people had forgotten their original instructions, neglected their spiritual duties, and become war like, the Pale One came to rekindle the sacred wisdom fire. Born in a miraculous manner, his body emitted great light. He re-established the building of temples and schools, reformed the priest craft training, and gave methods for cultivating and maintaining peace within individual, family, clan, nation and planet. He rekindled the hold fire and renewed the original instructions encoded within all beings to act as one with the sacred law and bring all thoughts and actions to harmonious resolution.

The Pale One established the lineage of these teachings 2877 years ago. Since then there have been twenty-eight generations who have been entrusted to maintain these teachings, to ensure methods of stabilizing the mind in times of confusion. By invitation into particular spiritual societies according to ones clan and particular lineages loving within those clans these precious teachings have been brought forward to this time. Let us remember to remember these most precious sacred instructions for our actions in this time. With our thoughts, our words and our actions may we build a world of peace and walk in beauty and be one with creation.

The Pale One left many prophecies and wonderous teachings. Let us remember that the practice of sacred relationship is practice of good relations with all in the family of life. Thus Pale One gave seven reminders to the people, that all might recall and honor the unity of the hoop:

1. What walks, swims, flies or creeps is in relationship; the mountains, streams and valleys and all things are related to your thought and action.
2. What occurs around you and within you reflects your own mind and shows you the dream you are weaving.
3. Three principles of awakened mind guide enlightened action: will to see the mystery as it is; intention to manifest one's purpose for the benefit of all; courage to do what must be done.
4. Generosity of heart and action brings peace and abundance to all in the circle.
5. Respect for elders, clan, land and nation inspires acts in harmony with the sacred law, good care taking of the gifts received.
6. Action to benefit the land and the people unto seven generations shapes the consciousness of the Planetary Caretaker, dreaming those yet unborn, ever mindful of life's unfolding.
7. To be in good relation, transforming patterns of separation, pacifying conflicting emotions, is to experience the wisdom within, still lake of Mystery.

Arising from these teachings are the nine precepts in the Code of Right Relationship:

1. Speak only words of truth.
2. Speak only of the good qualities of others.
3. Be a confidant and carry not tales
4. Turn aside the veil of anger to release the beauty inherent in all.
5. Waste not the bounty, and want not.
6. Honor the light in all Compare nothing; see all for its suchness.
7. Respect all life; cut away ignorance from one's own heart.
8. Neither kill nor harbor thoughts of angry nature, which destroy peace like an arrow.
9. Do it now; if you see what needs doing, do it.

The opportunity of life is very precious and moves very quickly. May these words inspire action in relieving the suffering of the peoples of the world. May all beings realize freedom from suffering and all conflicting thoughts reach resolution, that the great Fire of Wisdom may burn in our hearts and shine forth in all we do, as enlightened action benefiting all our relations.


Dane Larsen,Tsalagi, Anigotegewi Clan
Elder on Council,Ywahoo Lineage

I am Willy TwoHawk Speaking for White Eagle, Ambassador for Sisters, OR. Here are our plans:
Prayer Ceremony for Sisters:
Prayer ceremony at Sunrise, May 8th
Main Prayer Ceremony at Noon, May 8th
Three rounds of prayer beginning with acknowledgement of The Dripping Old Water People, The Thunderbeings and Guardians of The Four Directions/Quarters, then a prayer for: The 600 mile radius 19+1 MedicineWheel/The Nation/The Continental Divide/Tectonic Plates underneath The Rockies), (The Children of The World) and (Ourselves).

A Time of Celebration and Expression (Story-telling, Singing, Drumming, Dancing....as Spirit moves)

A Simple Meal, Getting to know each other and presenting of gifts to Mother Earth and a gift for each other.

Thankfulness, Dispersing (persons can stay 'til sunset if so desired to continue to pray.....)

DIRECTIONS: From Hwy I-5 South. of Salem, take Hwy 26, 20, or 126 towards Bend/Sisters. Just after Santiam Pass , approx. nine miles BEFORE Sisters, turn left onto rd for Metolius River Springs/headwaters, CAMP SHERMAN. A paper plate will mark the spot. PLEASE BE THERE BY 10 AM.

Bring some firewood, a gift for Mother Earth(tobacco, sage, etc. and a gift for participants gifting exchange, probably some fresh water. Very simple, very calm....A joy to have you come along and celebrate with us!

Aho ! Willy TwoHawk

EAST COAST From: "Elaine Egidio"

HI, Just wanted you to know of an event supporting you on the East Coast. Please know we are with in spirits and prayer. Thank you for hearing the voice of the Grandmother. Blessings of peace and harmony , Elaine Egidio

The Tansey House in Atlantic Highlands will be hosting a circle May 8 at 9 AM. to join the efforts of the Medicine Wheel ceremony set for healing the Four Grandmothers Standing Tall and Yellowstone in the center. Our prayers will be directed to the Earth and local waters with the intention of respect, gratitude, and healing. Please RSVP as there will be preparatory work.
732-291-0379 egidioem@comcast.net.

Victoria, BC Canada

We are on Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada, in an area known to be a power point. My group has been meeting just outside of Victoria for the last 6 years, on beautiful property where on a rise, we installed a medicine wheel, & there is a pond fed by 7 streams close at hand. Our group has been meeting for meditation ceremonies bi-monthly for this entire length of time. At solstices & equinoxes we have larger gatherings & work with the energy of the wheel. We will be joining in on May 8th with 24 hours of ceremony & vigil, including drummers, & a growing list of participants. All are welcome. We will be grounding the energy here, at this most western point, & will be focusing our prayers & intentions towards the giant wheel, the earth, & all of our brothers & sisters that are coming together in like mind all over the planet. We are honoured to serve in this way. Greetings to you all. Silverhawk 250-652-6558 earthdream@shaw.ca

Mt Whitney, CA

Hello, My name is Ray Hunter from Lone Pine (rjnhindn@yahoo.com), and will be hosting (ambassador) the medicine wheel ceremony at the Mt Whitney site.

Protocol: These are only a few of the protocol items, as there will be more at camp. This protocol is set so that there is no confusion between the drum, and camps. Women on their moon (menstrual period) may NOT attend this ceremony. You will be able to take photos at the main camp only. Please come with only good intent and positive energy, and be respectful to others, land, and water. Bring something to contribute to the camp. Individuals may bring their own crystals, please keep it to a minimum. Each person bringing crystals will need to check in with Ray or Robert John before their crystals are brought to the site for further details. Participants may bring prayer sticks, and prayer ties. Do not cross in the circle when you first come to the drum, always go around. No alcohol or mind-altering drugs allowed. No campfires other than the two main campfires. There will be only one ceremony around the drum for everyone to participate in. Please do not just do as you would like, as this is a ceremony, and you need to be mindful that your thoughts, behavior, and what you say effect the energy around the drum and camps.

Directions: Take U.S. 395 North to Lone Pine. Go left (west) at the only stop light in town. This is Whitney Portal road. There will be flagging out marking the way. Go up this road approx. 7 miles. Just before the first switch back to whitney portal, there is a road that veers to the right. Take this road to the forest service sign where it gets nearer to Hogback creek, and go left. Go to the end of the road. You will have to park down lower from the main camp and walk in (<1/8 mi.). Please park in the pullouts. If you have a trailer, you may have to park it down on the graded road, and drive up. From North: U.S. 395 south, Go right at the light in Lone Pine, follow the directions above.

KANSAS, Cimarron River

Here are the directions to the site:

Lower Cimarron Springs Wagon Bed Spring along the Santa Fe Trail

From Hugoton: Go north on Kansas State Highway 25 for 13 miles to the Grant Stevens County line...go north on Wagon Bed Springs Road 1.5 miles ....follow the signs.

From Ulysses: Go south on Kansas State Highway 25 for 8 miles, then straight south 3.5 miles on Wagon Bed Springs Road...follow the signs. Call Janet Light at 281-851-3491 for futher details.



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