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Earthstars The Visionary Landscape
Part One: London, City of Revelation

by C.E.Street

Earthstars The Visionary Landscape

London's ancient sacred sites are located in a very significant pattern.
For the last eighteen years, the author has been researching the relationships between London's oldest ancient sacred sites. Their locations define a huge pattern of sacred geometry on the landscape: A vast and beautiful design covering the whole of greater London. Its main alignments link to other ancient sites the length and breadth of the land.

A Monumental Discovery, Like Finding Another Stonehenge Beneath Oxford Circus
The basis of these patterns is a temple groundplan. It is the most important construction of sacred geometry and one that has been used in the design of temples throughout the centuries. Indeed, the oldest example of its use is in the construction of Stonehenge. To find exactly the same design, but at a much larger scale, hidden within the London landscape is startling to say the least. To find that it is defined by some of London's most important ancient sites, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, The Tower of London and others too numerous to name here, is astonishing evidence that this discovery has a firm foundation in reality.

Is London The New Jerusalem, The City Of Revelation?
The Earthstars geometry is of immense significance, incorporating a harmonic relationship with the structure and dimensions of the Earth and Moon. This has been noted previously by no less an authority on these subjects than John Michell who also associates this geometric construction with the measures and proportions attributed to The City of Revelation, the New Jerusalem, described by St. John in The book of Revelation. Remarkably, this is an unusual confirmation of William Blake's visions of Jerusalem within London's spiritual dimensions. Since the City of Revelation is said to appear at the end of the age, perhaps it is no concidence that this discovery has come to light at the turning point of the millenium. Rather worryingly, it is more likely to be environmentalists who warn us that the end is nigh these days, rather that visionaries like St, John or William Blake.

A Grail Quest That Began At London's Lost Camelot
As if all this was not enough, the Earthstars' discovery has astonishing links to the grail legends. London has its own little-known Camelot which bore the name generations before Mallory's work brought it to public attention. Appropriately, that is one of the sites which triggered this quest. The author's insights into the Arthurian myths provide a remarkable new understanding of the Round Table, the Holy Grail and the concept of healing the waste-land.

A Voyage Of Discovery Through London's Mystical Dimensions
Remarkably, the Earthstars discovery came about through a series of dreams, visions and psychic experiences. If that sounds far-fetched, remember that the discovery has its roots in our ancient sacred sites, locations regarded by our ancestors as places of power, places of healing and places of vision. According to the author, some of London's ancient sites still are.

This book provides a fanscinating guide to them. Earthstars The Visionary Landscape is a visionary voyage of discovery through London's ancient mounds, stones, hilltops, earthworks, wells, churches, abbeys, cathedrals and their spiritual dimensions that lie hidden, and often unsuspected, beneath the capital's concrete jungle.

The last century has seen dramatic and sensational change in the world. The next might well be more apocalyptic in nature.

If this book is to be believed, the Earth's sacred sites are spiritual power stations set in a circuit diagram of sacred geometry through which a new evolutionary impulse is beginning to activate.

Reproduced by permission from:  http://www.earth-stars.com/visions.htm

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