The Power of Place
by Daniel Shaw
for the Alcyone Light Center Newsletter

the sum of the 'platonic' solids

Two years ago, while I was staying at Alcyone, something happened that has changed my life immeasurably! The possibility arose that I might take a trip to Lake Tahoe, and Sylvia shared a book called Triangle from Mountains by "Katrina" which showed that nearby Mount Shasta and Lake Tahoe were related. That illustration is reproduced here. Mt. Shasta and Lake Tahoe both stand 700 miles from the Grand Tetons. The Tetons are at the center of a vast circle of 19 significant landforms. When a perfect 19-sided shape is superimposed on a map of North America, it can be seen that the landforms coincide with the points nearly exactly.

I was soon making a pilgrimage to Lake Tahoe, the Grand Tetons, and beyond! We all know the power of connecting with majestic mountains, sacred in the traditions of every people, and the power of bathing in the absolving waters. At these places healing and miracles can happen. I experienced many magical places, and marvelous things happened along the way, but that is a different story. Shortly after I returned, I received a letter from Dorothy Leon, who was looking for a publisher for her spectacular manuscript, The Mystical Quest for Democracy. Apparently she had heard of me through Clarion Chandler. Thank you, Clarion! Dorothy's letter revealed that she had written Triangle from Mountains using the pen name Katrina. Dorothy first observed these "Triangles from Mountains" when her husband at the time purchased an airplane. "I began going [flying] with him whenever possible. While aloft I saw lines of Energy connecting the peaks of different mountains to form triangles. When I marked the lines on air charts, we saw that the triangles were within larger configurations." These configurations of mountains and bodies of water correspond with magnetic disturbances which are marked on standard air maps.

Dorothy's ability to see these patterns was part of a larger spiritual quest and unfoldment. She identifies these lines as "ley" lines of subtle energy and gives spiritual significance to this "Triangle from mountains" phenomena. She writes, "At the culmination of each ley line there is a significant mountain, lake or river. When first receiving this message, it seemed to me as if the Elohim Creators had used a divine rod to precisely measure each unique spot. Nineteen equals one, symbolizing the Oneness of 'God' with all that is created. When you stand at the base of the Grand Teton, you can sense this aura of Oneness."

The whole picture came in to focus for Dorothy only gradually. After studying the Pacific Crest for some time was she inspired to see how the western points relate to the Grand Tetons and to the rivers which balance the eastern half of what she calls the "wheel with nineteen spokes". Triangle, now out of print, explores the numerology of the points in depth. The Triangles receive only brief mention in her far-ranging spiritual biography, Clock with Thirteen Numbers, which includes an extensive glossary, bibliography and index. Some copies of Clock are still available.

Inspired by my pilgrimage, and by my synchronous introduction to Dorothy, I determined to reprint and distribute her map. I enthusiastically threw myself into researching geomancy (I'm using the term here to mean the study and practice of sanctifying the earth) with my new perspective. Late one night I returned to a classic in the field, Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, by Childress.

The next illustration shows artifacts of the regular geometric shapes, proof that a sophisticated understanding of geometry existed in neolithic times. These geometries were forgotten until they were reiterated by Plato.

It wasn't until 1944, though, that Buckminster Fuller invented his Dymaxion globe, on which the world grid is based.

One needn't go looking for artifacts to find evidence that ancient civilizations were well aware of geometry, the science of earth measuring. Megaliths such as the Great Pyramid, and the classic cathedrals reveal sacred geometry and proportion in their own form, as you have read in previous Alcyone newsletters. These historic sites also are placed on significant points on the earth.

In 1975, Christopher Bird (author of Secret Life of Plants, et al) had published a map of the "world grid" which showed that the earth's geometric structure is made up of all the regular solids. (See illustration.) The geometric (you might say crystalline) model is a useful model for studying geologic phenomena, such as wind and water currents, and seismicity (earthquakes and volcanoes). The grid marks the homes of numerous ancient civilizations including Easter Island. The world grid points also fall at unusual features like deep sea ridges, and places with unique species of plants and animals. Bethe Hagens is one of the people who has been most active in this work. Ten years ago, she and William Becker printed an "EarthStar" map which folds up into a globe.

Twice I asked Dorothy for names of people who had contacted her about the map, people who could possibly help us develop it. Both times she said no, she couldn't think of anyone. Then, in a footnote, I found Bethe gives credit to, among others, Jose Arguelles (of Harmonic Convergence and Dreamspell fame, author of Earth Ascending and Mandala) and Dorothy Leon!

It seems that Dorothy had sent Bethe some information at one time. Studying the two maps now more closely together, it became obvious that Dorothy's map of North America covers nearly precisely the same area as one portion of the world grid. The EarthStar globe was going out of print; Bethe has given permission to reprint a limited number.

For the North America EarthStar map I am printing in color the most detailed base map available; most people think it's from a satellite. Only the 19 points and the geometric mandala are marked, no man-made features or boundaries. You'll enjoy learning to recognize the natural features without any conventional reference points.

Boundaries of Home: Mapping for Local Empowerment, a bio-regional anthology edited by Doug Aberly, makes an excellent companion to the North America map. I have visited only a few of the points on the circle. I intend to visit them all, and to share the vision of a sacred place, a place without boundaries, a place that is home. I hope the maps help to connect people to the earth grid, and help to connect all the people who are working to preserve this sacred planet. Galadriel, Dorothy, Bethe: You have given much, to me and to others, thank you so much for your good work. Great is your reward in heaven.

Blessings to all,

Daniel Shaw (Aumear True)

The article gets its name from a book by James Swan.


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