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Stonehenge area burial gold artifacts

This bronze age artifact from Stonehenge area is the precise shape of the "EarthStar" diamond, both are based on the 3-4-5 triangle.

Stonehenge is in the area of England called Wiltshire, and nearby, there is a barrow (burial mound) named Bush Barrow, where three extremely interesting gold objects were discovered. Bush Barrow is "a princely burial from about 1750-1550 B.C. It is the richest and most important Bronze Age grave on Salisbury Plain and in Britain." These objects are on display at the nearby museum in Devizes. They are described as "masterpieces of the craft of the Bronze Age gold-smith", and another piece, is described as "in design and execution, [it] could not be surpassed (if indeed equalled) by the most able workman of modern times."

"The handle of wood belonging to this instrument, No. 2, exceeds any thing we have yet seen, both in design and execution, and could not be surpassed (if indeed equalled) by the most able workman of modern times. By the annexed engraving, you will immediately recognize the British zigzag, or the modern Vandyke pattern, which was formed with a labour and exactness almost unaccountable, by thousands of gold rivets, smaller than the smallest pin. The head of the handle, though exhibiting no variety of pattern, was also formed by the same kind of studding. So very minute, indeed, were these pins, that our labourers had thrown out thousands of them with their shovel, and scattered them in every direction, before, by the necessary aid of a magnifying glass, we could discover what they were..." [not pictured].

"Its original purpose is uncertain. Guesses have ranged from an elaborate button to a surveying device for planning Stonehenge."

This photo shows the relative sizes of the two diamond-shaped "lozenges", and a third piece, inexplicably without any straight lines... any ideas as to its significance?! The Museum identifies it as a 'belt buckle'!

A geometric analysis of the large 'lozenge'. at celticnz.co.nz/BBLOZ/BBLOZWEB1.htm

Photos copyright wiltshireheritage.org.uk/

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