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Dan Shaw
Proven Results with the Super Imploder
Extraordinary Healing Sounds
from Rosetta Publishing

The Lambdoma depicted as a spiral

This "circular lambdoma" shows how musical harmonic proportions can translate
to physical dimensions and visa versa. from Barbara Hero.

The SOUND RESEARCH ROUNDTABLE Mail-List was born at The 4th International Sound Colloquium. Our mission is the sharing of all matters related to sound research. We invite the sharing, through the Roundtable's Mail- List, of clinical research data, results and needs and the presentation of sound services and products. We request that marketing and pricing information be distributed through other channels. To subscribe to the srr mail-list, send the following in the body of your email message to Majordomo@cybertours.com: subscribe srr

Hertz frequencies chart from Barbara Hero

Cycles per second and correspondences compiled from many sources

Noise Cancellation Technology


Diagram of the acoustical design in Chichen Itza by Wayne Van Kirk

Acoustic architecture in Petra, Jordan

Robert Fludd, Elizabethan Alchemist
From the first sentence we are told that music was ordained by virtue of its implicit doctrine of correspondences. The idea that all things are joined by an unbreakable bond (inviolato vinculo) echoes a passage found in Plato's Timaeus:

Out of these materials (the elements), such in kind and four in number, the body of the Cosmos was harmonized by proportion and brought into existence. These conditions secured for it Amity, so that being united in identity with itself it became indissoluble by any agent other than Him who had bound it together.

The indissoluble bond, for both Fludd and Plato, was proportion. It was by proportion that like was related to like, as the Macrocosm was related to the Microcosm. Fludd illustrates this idea in his monochordum humaniae microcosmi. In this cut, man the microcosm and his various parts, anatomical, mental and spiritual, are harmonized by an unbreakable chain, i.e. the string and its various harmonious proportions.

The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral
by Louis Charpentier
If it is to last, the Gothic monument requires perfect adjustment between weight and thrust; the weight that creates the thrust becomes itself its own negation. The activity in the stone is therefore in a state of constant tension which the art of the master builder can tune like a harp string. For a Gothic cathedral is not only a musical instrument by similitude.

Paul Devereux in Monthly Aspectarian.

"Research-wise, there have been some interesting breakthroughs with acoustical research at megalithic sites. Professor Robert G. Jahn of Princeton University, myself and other colleagues have conducted some preliminary work testing the acoustic resonances of selected chambered mounds in England and Ireland. We have obtained results in a tight band of frequencies around 110 Hz -- the baritone range of the male voice. It is almost as if we have begun to hear the old stones speak (see TLH issue 123 for details). Some exciting new developments in this field are being planned, and we are now hearing news of some bizarre acoustical effects in ancient Mayan architecture. "

Excerpt from "The Traveller's Guide to Sacred England" by John Michell from Britannia Internet Magazine
"One effect which has been widely recorded is that the levels of ultrasound and radiation inside the circles is significantly lower than outside; hence the title of Don Robins's book on megalithic energies, Circles of Silence.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson: Bio-tuning

Corporeal Meadows, inspired by the Microtonal music and instruments of Harry Partch

Sequencia: DNA Music
Includes frequencies of Amino Acids
Science and the Arts
Susan Alexjander
PO Box 428
Aptos, Ca. 95001
Susan's e-mail
(no phone)

DNA Music
Todd Barton's music composed from the Genetic Code

Tools for Exploration. Awesome catalog of healing sounds. Tell them Aumear sent you.

Trans-Hyperborean Institute of Science

Bob Dratch's recipe for sonoluminescence

James Furia's Geomusic

Patrick Flanagan's neurophone


Over 100 years ago, John Ernst Worrell Keely (1827-1898), developed a technology so advanced we are only now beginning to understand it today. Perhaps you are one of those select few to help unravel the mysteries of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics.

Richard Dannelley
Sedona Beyond the Vortex, pages 64 and 65
Five Systems for working with vowel sounds and the chakras

Sharry Edward's Bio-acoustics

The Mystery of the Seven Vowels: In Theory and Practice, by Joscelyn Godwin, Phanes Press 1991.
Music, Mysticism and Magic by Joscelyn Godwin; a review and selected quotes. and School of Pythagoras; more musical reviews etc.

COMM 141, SPRING 2000 UNC Audio: Theory, Criticism, and Aesthetics

The Gyuto Monks harmonic overtone chanting

Don Campbell's Mozart Effect

Tomatis Method

Sound Education
Key Distel
3 Coutts Place, Melba, ACT 2615, Australia
Ph (06) 259 1364; Fax (06) 258 5530

Sound Healing Links

Two articles by Paul Devereux: Acoustic Resonances of Assorted Ancient Structures [Journal of Acoustical Soc. of Am.] and Preliminary Investigations and Cognitive Considerations of the Acoustical Resonances of Selected Archaelogical Sites [Antiquity]

Harp Therapy Journal

Sound and Spirit Quotes and Texts

Acoustic Brain Research
640 Oceanview Dr
Friday Harbor, WA 98250, USA

Quartz crystal harmonica (piano)
Gerhard Finkenbeiner
33 Rumford Av
Waltham, MA 02154

Michael Heleus
from Tools For Exploration

A device using body inductance to generate sound. Diagnostic potential?

King Davidís Harp
John Wheeler
750 La Playa, Box 542
San Francisco, CA 94121

POB 541
Lancaster, MA 01523

Meditative guitar with Harp Tuning

The application of sound through the energy meridians.

Sonic water treatment

Peruvian whistles

Sound as a weapon.

Anstendig Institute
911 Fulton St
San Francisco, CA 94117
On the importance of analog sound and impoverishment of digital sound.

throat singers of Tuva
Smithsonian/ Folkways SF 40017

Extraordinary Healing Links

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