Santa Cruz Gravitational Mystery Spot CD

Height Change


DESCRIPTION: This high quality video details ALL of the amazing phenomena occurring in an area that's 300' in diameter in the beautiful wooded foothills of Santa Cruz California. Ethan, our tour guide, takes us on an incredible journey that was originally surveyed back in 1939 by the United States Geological Survey, or USGS. A directional deviation of gravity, or a gravitational gradient was discovered, and has a maximum deviation of 5 seconds of arc from the vertical. You'll observe in this video how this phenomenon affects the tourists, plant life and objects.

William Alek, a researcher and explorer, conducted experiments at the spot using the Explorers Kit shown below. He determined that time flows "slower" inside the spot by at least 3 minutes and 40 seconds per 24 day. An Accutron Tuning Fork watch was used to make this determination. Because time flows slower, all of the metrics related to space and time change while walking through the spot. These metrics include volume, mass, frequency, gravity, time, and energy.  William also determined the "shape" of the anomaly based on actual observations. He shows in the video all his equipment and actual data collected.

This video is 45 minutes in length, and is available in DVD or VHS format.

PRICE: $16.95

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