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Proven Results with the Super Imploder
By Donald Beaman

See more of this image (large file).

Tarot of Saqqara

Return to Saqqara
The 42 Books of Thoth: An Index
Vol. 2 - Correspondence with the Tarot of the Saqqara

This is an exceedingly rare manuscript. Donald Beaman has provided extensive new materials and insights into the Egyptian mysteries. This is not just a book compiled from other sources. Donald's encyclopedic knowledge comes from direct 'gnosis', what some call the 'Akashic records'. Donald calls it "laying down on the floor".

Here are a few illustrations. The books are profusely illustrated.

Pyramid as part of 7-sided star
One of many, many extensive geometric analyses of various pyramids & pyramid angles.

Tarot of Saqqara
A geometric analyses of Egypt.
Larger detailed image.

CONTENTS: (Adobe Acrobat files)
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Volume 1: approx. 500 pages, $40.
Volume 2: approx. 500 pages, $40.

More images from Return to Saqqara

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