Ancient construction:

 This brings us to the part that I expect will be most interesting to all. All my figures might be of my own design; a product of an over active imagination. The connections I have made between them and the Knights Templar, St. Columba and other people and mysteries have been mirrored on every part of the globe in every era long before Arthur was a young prince and up to today. Like the rest, I think I am right and they are wrong!

However, by following those links, I have been able to find some real, concrete examples of things that simply cannot be of my own imagining. Some of these I cannot yet discuss, as they are sensitive to the work being done by others. Others are so large as to make it impossible to cover them in such a hastily constructed document. There is one discovery that can be shown quite easily, as it is real, solid and photographable, and I have done so.

I speak of a series of walls that I found in the wilds of NS, far from any present day civilization, by calculating the point at the center of one of the figures. Using a GPS to find the calculated point, I climbed a large hill and found a length of stone wall protruding from the overburden. I have worked very carefully in the area many times, frightened to disturb anything that might be useful, and have found that the one wall is connected to a series of walls that are gelling into a large structure.


I recently had an anthropologist make the trip to the site to see if he could make a definite statement on the natural or artificial nature of the walls. He was very excited, and proclaimed them of artifice, yet cannot explain how or when they could have been built.

The blocks of granite are very large, sometimes up to 1.5 meters squared. They are fashioned such that the blocks are placed with great precision; very little space can be found between them. There is another area very close to the structure that looks "cut from", although there is no sign of traditional cut marks on the stones themselves or the area from which they were cut.

At the top of the terraced walls, there is a European style dolmen, which matches several others in the Province.

Wall1.jpg showing large blocks.


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Wall2.jpg showing an internal right angle.


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Wall3.jpg showing another section of wall with very large blocks.


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