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VortexMaps Book Bonanza!
Trip to Glastonbury May 2006
Turns Up Rich New Trove of Must-Read Books

Megalithomania brought together much new information.

john-martineau John Martineau, who organized the event, is  a brilliant geometer.
His "Little Wooden Books"
are beautifully produced short works, & include his "Little Book of Coincidence",
and John Michell's book on the meanings of sounds of letters and letter combinations, and their poetic and other implications, "Euphonics".

John Michell is the 'patron saint' of Earth Mysteries, having written dozens of books on Earth Mysteries, contributing new insights, and inspiring other research. I have devoted a new web page to John and his work.

 John Michell 12-tribe-nations
Twelve-Tribe Nations is a vital contribution to visionary mapping, giving a cross-cultural tour of nations whose sacred geography is based on the Zodiac.

Gothic Image publishes the Ancient Landscape Around Glastonbury Map, glastonbury-ley-lines-map
a full color, double-sided poster of the ancient features, alignments, world grid lines, and Glastonbury Zodiac figures. By Palden Jenkins. I´m the only US distributor. In the UK, you may order the Vortex Field Guide from gothic-image
Gothic Image. gothic-image-book-store

Speaking Tree distributes an incredible selection of metaphysical books, some rare. There were many on Vortex Mapping I need to read, I'll be distributing Mary Caine's Glastonbury Zodiac book. These are in limited supply, and available from VortexMaps while they last.


The Vortex Field Guide is also available in London and the UK at Watkins Metaphysical Books.
Watkins Metaphysical Books
Watkins Metaphysical Books

The EarthStar Globe is now available in the UK throughHugh Newman.

While at the event, I stayed with geomancer and dowser Sig Lonegren Sig Lonegren
who wrote "Spiritual Dowsing",
and his wife Karin at their lovely Bed and Breakfast sunnybank Bed and Breakfast

nicholas-mann Nicholas Mann's new edition of his Sedona book Nicholas Mann's Sedona book
is available from Light Technology.

Chris Street's "EarthStars: The Visionary Landscape"
published by

Green Magic is available through: Counter Culture
They also publish Ley Lines by Danny Sullivan
Which is the definitive history of the subject by an author whose career includes editing "The Ley Hunter" Journal.

VortexMaps.com sells EarthStars, The Visionary Landscape, and of course, the Vortex Field Guide.
I will be selling Twelve Tribe Nations, Glastonbury Zodiac, and Ancient Landscape Around Glastonbury Map as soon as my shipment arrives.
Buy direct from the publishers linked above, OR

Buy from Amazon, commissions help support VortexMaps.com
Vortex Field Guide
Little Book of Coincidence
Spiritual Dowsing
Sedona: Sacred Earth
Earthstars: The Visionary Landscape
Ley Lines

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