An Interview with José Argüelles by Antero Alli
Excerpted from All Rites Reversed c 1986


Local artist-scholar José Argüelles has lived here in Boulder since 1977 and currently resides with his wife Lloydine and their children. José is the author of...

He is advisor at the Union Graduate School and co-founder of Planet Art Network, the latter instrumental to implementing his personal visions of what has been called "earth prophecies." When not living in Boulder, José travels extensively throughout the Americas initiating "resonant core groups" and other activities coinciding with his ongoing planetary research. Wherever he goes, he carries his shakuhachi bamboo flute from which he improvises melodies to start the ceremonies at hand. This interviewer chose to begin this dialogue with the topic of resonance and how this musical function was defined by José ...

AA: How would you describe the process of Resonance?

The Earth obviously feeds us. How do humans, according to your view, go about feeding the Earth? How do we make it reciprocal?

Describe your personal vision of geomancy and its relation to people on the planet at this time.

Speak about your ideas of the function of quartz crystals in their relation to your work.

Can you describe the process of locating a place and the appropriate manner of planting crystals?

So this is a ceremony where people plant crystals in this formation and stand around it to become receptive to the Earth’s signal and responding with a message back to the Earth, so the circle is a kind of conduit for reciprocal communication.

JA: That’s right.

AA: You’ve been studying Mayan civilization and their calendric systems. What do they have to say about living on the Earth at this time?

What are some of the other "earth prophecies" you’ve encountered in your work and in meeting people?

Terence McKenna uses that same year, 2012, doesn’t he?

How would you characterize this new mental house we’re shifting into during this polarization you’re referring to?

What kind of changes can people expect to go through while we are passing through the vortex on August 16 & 17 of 1987?

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