The End of Mechanical Time
José Argüelles with Lloydine

You have to understand that time is of the mind. No matter how independent you think you are, no matter how evolved or spiritual you think you are, sometime or another you still know it’s "April" or "afternoon" because you’ve got an appointment. We’re all hooked into and living in this.

We made a discovery of the Law of Time. That law is simple: It says that there is one timing frequency that unifies the whole galactic order, from its largest constituent to its smallest. this was the "unified-field theory" that eluded Einstein. Time is the unifying field. Time is the unifying frequency that holds everything together.

If you follow or are hooked via collective consciousness into a timing device that is irregular, inharmonic, connected with another device that is mechanical and sped up, then that’s what is going to happen to your mind, to your life and to your civilization. The end result will be a disaster for the planet.

We are the only species not living according to our natural timing frequency. We are the only species that wears watches. That might seem like a topological joke, but it’s true. We’re the only species that follows a calendar -- a Gregorian calendar that is neither solar nor lunar.

The Doctrine of Discovery
In 1452 during the age of Discovery, a papal edict called the Doctrine of Discovery paved the way for artificial time by announcing that if any Christian discovered a land occupied by non-Christians, then Christian had the right to confiscate that land. The Doctrine of Discovery was followed in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII’s new calendar.

The pope took ten days out of time: On October 6, 1582, he went to bed and when he awoke the next day it was October 16. The Gregorian calendar was unilaterally instituted by the Vatican, because the Christian armies of Europe had conquered most of the indigenous people on the planet and needed to have a mental time-framing device for imposing all of their new “religious holidays” on the world.

Within 200 years, everyone in Europe and the colonies was using it: the “calendar of colonialism.” By the beginning of the 20th century it was used by every nation on the planet, because all banking activity (such as mortgages and interest rates) is based on it. Every law created by any government in the 20th century is based on this calendar.

Mathematics of the Fourth Dimension
We first proposed getting rid of this calendar in 1992, when we came up with the “Dreamspell.” which is actually the mathematics of fourth-dimensional time. Einstein said that time is the fourth dimension, but he couldn’t tell you how to get there, or even what that means, because all the mathematics he used was derived from three-dimensional space.

We live in a materialistic world and are captive on a material planet because we don’t know what time is. What’s worse, we are imprisoned by a false time, an artificial time. This false time, which we call “12:60 time” has a 12-month year and a 60-minute hour. This 12:60 time is artificial time, and we’re the only species that lives by it. We’re also the only species destroying our planet.

The error in time that we have discovered is the fundamental error at the root of all of our problems. If we solve this error, we will have taken the first step toward the rapid solution to everything that’s bothering us on this planet today. This is the message; we are its messengers. The true timing frequency is 13:20.

Nature’s Timing Frequency
[Lloydine:] I wish to talk about the natural timing frequency of 13:20. At the root of 13 is woman’s menstrual cycle. Women have a biologically held the natural cycle, the solar-calendar cycle of 28-day cycle that occurs 13 times per year. Multiply 13 by 28 days and you have 364 days. The extra day is called the Free Day. the cycle of 13:20 was used by the Maya in their sacerd calendar, the Tzolk’in.

Twenty is our base of numbering, because we have a total of 20 fingers and toes. The decimal (ten) system is based only on our hands. Because we have twenty digits, 13:20 is the natural timing frequency.

Pacal Votan Returns
[Jose:] By the end of 1992 and 1993, I was receiving more “calls” from Pacal Votan. We had written a number of texts, including Harmonic Convergence: The Inside Story; The Treatise on Time and The Story of Time. We sent all these manuscripts to a major publisher who was also our agent. Since we were calling for a return to the old time and thus an end to money -- because the philosophy of mechanical time is “time is money” -- our communiques were not well-received by the powers that be. It’s true, you can’t do anything without money. Every single value is prorated -- that’s materialism. On July 26, 1993 [6], I received from a dear friend in Mexico, a manuscript that was supposedlya lost Mayan text, which had been published in Cuba in 1970. I began to read it and had very profound experiences; the most profound altered state experiences I had ever known were triggered simply by reading this text. It stirred up deep memories and, soon thereafter, I began to receive the prophecy of Pacal Votan -- the Telektenon. [7]. This is the last prophecy of the cycle that ends in 2012-2013 A.D. The prophecy itself says that if we don’t “get it,” we’re going to lose our biosphere.

The Machine and Population Explosion
Earth had a population explosion after the Machine Age began in 1753 -- the population doubled in on ly 90 years. It doubled again 90 years later. Since 1930, it’s nearly tripled. Both the invention of the clock and the adoption of the Gregorian calendar occurred in 1582. The scientific revolution began in 1618, with the belief that God was a clockmaker and the universe His giant clock. The scientists’ mission was to figure out how the universe works and to create the Industrial Revolution. In this way today’s materialism was born.

What we need to understand right now is that, with the discovery of the Law of Time, we entered the Industrial Age and attempted to set our DNA to a machine frequency -- 12:60. That’s why the population exploded and is still exploding; we’re trying to kepp up with the machines. We can make machines faster than we can make ourselves, so we try to make ourselves faster to kepp up with our machine production. If you became a galactic anthropologist and traveled around the planet, you would see what’s going on. We’re the bees; ultimately, we propagate so that the machines, like Toyota and Chrysler, all of them -- every year more of them -- may flower.

We’ve reached a “bio-geo-chemical” combustion point. The biosphere is a finite, limited thing; it can only take so much stress. Every day we increase our population by a quarter of a million, while another 200 species is racing to maintain itself in an artificial timing frequency that no other species here observes, so we’ve got a real problem.

G-7, the Pope and the New World Order
The propecy speaks about what’s happening in Mexico, about G-7 (the Group of Seven), the New World Order adn the government that runs the planet right now. [8]

G-7 was formed by George Bush in 1974 when he was the Director of the CIA and includes the seven most industrialized nations of the world (Japan, the United States, France, West Germany and Italy -- home of the Vatican, which owns your calendar). G-7 convened in secret until 1990, when it had its first public meeting just after the invasion of Kuwait. Now you can read about G-7 every day in the newspaper. Media reports make it seem as if the organization has always been looking out for our best interests. In the prophecy of Pacal Votan, G-7 is no different from the beast of seven heads in Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelations of Saint John of Patmos: The beast arises, has power and places the mark of the beast (the infamous 666) on the hands and foreheads of all humanity. It has this power only because the “beast with two horns” came out of the lake and blessed it. Now who is the beast with two horns? Pope John Paul II. On August 11, 1993, while I was receiving the first part of the Telektenon, he made his third trip to Mexico. Visits by the Vatican had been taboo there through the 20th century until the tenth president, the tenth modern king of Mexico -- Carlos Salinas de Gartari -- took office. The pope came to Merida in the Yucatan, land of the Maya, for one day. on that day he went with President Salinas de Gortari to a city near Merida, called Izamal.

Isn’t it interesting that at the time of the conquest, Izamal was the main spiritual center, the main pilgrimage center of the Maya? Isn’t it interesting that before the Gregorian calendar, Bishop Delanda burned every single Mayan book he could find in that city. After he had torn down the Pyramid of the Sun and built a big monastery and cathedral there with the stones, out of remorse, he wrote a little book called Concerning the Things of the Yucatan, containing what he called the Mayan alphabet, the Tzolk’in. When the pope visited Izamal in 1993, he seemed very nervous while giving his one-hour sermon. He obviously had some other business there. That autumn we read in a Merida newspaper that he pope had sent a letter to the Bishop of Izamal saying that he was very concerned about what was going to happen to Mexico in 1994. On January 1, 1994, a Mayan Zapatista uprising occurred in Chiapas -- 100 miles from the tomb of Pacal Votan.

The prophecy was given to Salinas and he left office. Mexico has not been the same since. "As Mexico goes, so goes the planet," says the prophecy. For twelve years Mexico was staged as a G-7 pilot project to bring a Third World country into a First World economic-monetary-political status, and it’s not working. It’s going to wash out, and when it does, it will bring the whole international commercial monetary structure down with it.

Time and Money
The prophecy says that by 1998, we won’t need money. This is the end of Babylon. Chapter 18 of the Book of Revelation says "Mighty Babylon has fallen, and all the kings and shipmakers and all the merchants are weeping." Why? Because there is no more money. and this will come about when we enter the correct time.

Money is a function of artificial, mechanistic 12:60 time, where time is money. We want to remember that we’re the only species that pays to be born, that pays to live and that pays to die; we’re the only species that trashes the planet, that has neuroses and that refuses to stop having wars.

We can change all that -- fast. We have to. It all starts by doing something so perfectly simple that people have laughed at us for continually suggesting it -- to burn the calendar of colonialism” and start a new calendar in the correct time, with those famous 144,000 other people. The prophecy says that when we eneter the 28-day circuit, we’ll be connecting Heaven and Earth (because this 28-day circuit connects Earth with the planet Uranus) and universal telepathy will return. (With telepathy, we don’t need government.)

With the 13-moon calendar, we will actually activate a bio-telepathic circuit that hooks up with the consciousness of the solar system, which is kept in the orbits of the planets. When we are functioning fourth dimensionally -- and we cannot fully funciton fourth-dimensionally until we’re out of the 12:60 time structure -- we will have cosmic consciousness.

Unification of All Prophecies
This is all a part of the Telektenon, the final prophecy which unifies all prophecies, all spiritual traditions. It says: At this moment in time, despite all your great spiritual teachers and all of your great spiritual advances, there is no unity. Why are you still struggling with taxes if you are free?

The prophecy says:
You are lacking what all other species have -- collecitve mine, collective spirit and collective will. You must unify, and the only way you can unify is through time. You must understand that your salvation is in entering the correct time and rejecting the false time.

The prophecy says that we entered seven years of prophecy on July 26, 1993 (called "Magnetic Seed, Kin 144" in the sacred calendar). There is one seal for each of the seven years; Kin 144 is the first seal. The second seal is being opened this year, it says that the end of this year, (July 25, 1995, on the Gregorian calendar) is the time to burn the old calendar.

Pacal Votan is the special witness of time. There are three main "Awakeners": Buddha, the enlightened one, who was alive precisely in the middle of the 13th baktun cycle (a Mayan cycle); Jesus Christ, the anointed one, who incarnated precisely in between Buddha and Mohammed; and Mohammed, the prophet who said that there is only one God -- that all of creation is one divine unity.

The time to again become one is now. The "People of the Dawn" are the Hopi and indigenous peoples; the "People of the Book" are those of us who got caught in Babel. Now we’re all caught in the Tower of Babel, so it doesn’t matter whether we’re aboriginal or "yuppie".