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Proven Results with the Super Imploder
Western North America
Nineteen significant mountains and bodies of water
form a nearly perfect circle
around the Grand Tetons.

Three rings of 19 points Large view of this diagram
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This version indicates that there are MANY smaller triangles
within the larger triangles.

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This "Wheel with Nineteen Spokes"
was conceived by Dorothy Leon and is copyrighted 1996 by Golden Anchor of Light.

0. Grand Tetons

Join the Yellowstone Association. Mary Flaming, P.O. Box 117, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 82190. 307-344-2293.

Presidential retreat, gold, geysers. The park road forms an infinity sign (figure 8).

001. Sullivan Lake

002. North Saskatchewan River

003. Qu'appelle River

004. Souris River

005. James River

006. Missouri River

007. Platte River

008. Arkansas River

009. Cimarron River

010. Mt. Taylor

Emerging into the Fifth World at Dineh' Ta south of Bloomfield, New Mexico, the People saw four great snow covered mountains - To the west, the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona; to the north, Mount Hesperus of the La Plata Mountains of Colorado; to the east, Mt. Blanco of the San Luis Valley of Colorado; and to the south, Mt. Taylor, north of Laguna, New Mexico. These became the four sacred mountains of the Dineh', and defined their physical land base as well as their spiritual home on the planet.

011. Mt. Humphrey and Sedona, Arizona
Sedona has a geometry of its own, described in Mann's Sedona Landscape Temple

012. Colorado River (Lake Mead)

013. Mt. Whitney
Highest point in the conterminous United States. 14,494 feet and Death Valley, lowest place in conterminous United States 282 feet below sea level.

014. Lake Tahoe
Keep Tahoe Blue/ League to Save Lake Tahoe. 955 Emerald Bay Road, South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150. 916-541-5388. Tahoe has lost 25% of its clarity since 1968. Growth of free-floating algae increases at a rate of 6% a year. Source: UC, Davis Tahoe Research Group.

015. Mt. Shasta

Elevation 14,162'.

Good places to meditate: The purple flame room at the I Am Bookstore; Panther Meadows or anywhere on the Mountain; the shiva lingam.

016. Three Sisters
On Top of Oregon, by Don Alan Hall shows a photo whose caption reads, "North Sister, seen from the summit of South Sister has Mt. Jefferson beyond its south and middle summit horns."

The Sun and the Serpent, Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst, page 146

...in the Old Celtic religion, the ‘three maidens’ or ‘three sisters’ were a symbol of the Goddess in her three distinct phases of Virgin (new moon), Mother (full moon) and Crone (waning moon).

Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project. 112 E. Poplar St., Walla Walla, Washington 99362. 509-522-4030. 522-4025 fax.

Magnetic Map forthcoming.

017. Mt. Rainier West
Highest point in Washington, 14,410'.

018. Okanagan Lake

019. Lake Louise and Mt. Temple

Points midway between major points which have been identified:

09.5 Mt. Baldy and Santa Fe, New Mexico

Bandalier National Monument.

Los Alamos National Lab.

Los Alamos is one of only two places in the world where stone spheres occur naturally, according to Mexico's Great Stone Spheres, by Matthew W. Stirling, in National Geographic, August 1969. The other place is in Jalisco, Mexico. Los Alamos has six sites within 500 miles. Spheres occur up to two feet in diameter. In Jalisco the spheres range from two feet up to more than 11 feet. Diagrams the crystallization of the spheres, similar to the new theory of the iron crysal inner core of the earth in Scientific American, October 1996. Giant man-made spheres near Palmar Sur, Costa Rica: "a 12-ton granitic globe... hand-worked, (a) perfect seven-foot sphere. (These spheres were) sometimes placed... in ritual formations." National Geographic, ibid, photo page 299.

010.5 Petrified Forest
(520) 524-6228

011.5 Mt. Floyd

012.5 Charleston Peak

Two occurrences of Desert Elkweed Swertia albomarginata (S. Watson) Kuntze Gentianaceae in the Mid Hills, Eastern Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California

013.5 Yosemite National Park and Mono Lake

The Yosemite Guardian works through education and advocacy to protect Yosemite AND to achieve fair and considerate treatment for visitors and area residents. The Yosemite Guardian is a project of Earth Island Institute.

014.5 Mt. LassenNational Park

015.5 Mt. Scott and Crater Lake, Oregon
National Park: P.O. Box 7, Crater Lake, Oregon 97604. 503-594-2211.
"Shamans in historic time forbade most Indians to view the lake, and Indians said nothing about it to trappers and pioneers, who for 50 years did not find it." (-National Park Service Brochure)

A striking image of Crater Lake is available from USGS. "Isometric display of two merged 7.5 minute digital elevation models. Call 1-800-USA-MAPS. Ask for US GeoData brochure.

016.5 Mt. Hood
Highest point in Oregon.

Mt. Hood info from Highpoints

017.5 Lake Chelan

018.5 Upper Arrow Lake

Points between the inner ring and the outer ring:

115. Pearson Peak & Oregon Caves.

Oregon Caves National Monument. 19000 Caves Highway, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523. 503-592-2100.

Points on the outer ring which triangulate with major points:

212. San Clemente Island

213.5 San Francisco Bay/ Farallon Islands

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

USGS Farallones Marine Sanctuary

Ongoing nuclear waste spill.

214. Point Arena

216. Cape Sebastian

Cape Sebastian State Park
7m S. Gold Beach -Fish / Hike / Views / Beach / Bring Water
One of the most prominent capes on the South coast, it towers 700 feet above the sea. Two-mile trail to the face and down the south slope provides numerous viewpoints for spotting whales.

Significance of the Number Nineteen

Triangle from Mountains, by Dorothy Leon

North America Power Points.
Includes Bird, Champoux, Ireland, Leon, True.

EarthStar western North America map, in full color.
[Large image can take several minutes to load.]
Western North America
19 Power Points
Triangle from Mountains
American Ley Lines
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