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Power Points Maps; various

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These maps appear in the Anti-Gravity book:

The MR triangle, the Egyptian "3-4-5" triangle, from Anti-Gravity.

"The Twelve Devil’s Graveyards Around the World," plots ship and plane disappearances worldwide, focusing attention on12 areas, equally spaced over the globe. From Ivan Sanderson.

The Piri Reis Map is a correct circular grid projection from Cairo.


Tree of Life on Africa

Megaliths from David D. Zink, Ancient Stones Speak: A Journey to the World’s Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites (Dutton 1979) "Until the present work, however, no one has pointed out the surprising number of megalithic structures located at or near these intersections."

Celestial Constellations Reflected in Earthly Patterns

Somerset as Canis Major, by Richard Leviton

The constellation of Virgo and the pattern of Notre Dames in France. from Charpentier.

Washington DC and the Pentagon on the Earth Grid.

Pilgrimage Maps by Country

EarthStar Western North America
The Wheel with Nineteen Spokes from Dorothy Leon

East Coast of North America Power Points. From Peter Champoux.

The Return Focus Triangle; Marble Mountain Wilderness pattern; & Ley Lines
From Lorea Ireland.

Southern Britain; relation of Glastonbury Tor to Stonehenge, and other sites.

West German alignments discovered by Josef Heinsch.


Map Art Exhibit Coming to Your Area

Three articles by Dan Shaw (aka Aumear True)

The Power of Place
My story of my learning about the power points maps.

Mayan Calendar Corresponds to EarthStar Globe

Timesickness & Healing Calendars.
A prescription for the hectic modern life.

Hourglass Nebula -- vesica pisces

Geophysics, Gravity and Magnetism

Seismologists discover that the inner core rotates
link to Scientific American, October 1996.

The inner core is very likely a massive iron crystal.

José Argüelles
popularizer of the Harmonic Convergence, Dreamspell...

Includes Biography, bibliography, Hunab Ku image, the Mayan "Giver of Movement and Measure," and DNA & I Ching, Genetic and Galactic Codes image.

The Mayan day glyphs correspond to points on the icosahedral earth. From Krsanna Duran.

Etruscan dodecahedra
This Estruscan artifact is one of several hand-held geometric figures from the ancient world of interest to grid researchers. Print out the images and construct your own.

The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral
by Louis Charpentier

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