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Planetary Grid Work and Workers Websites

Here are some of the web sites of people doing "grid work".

Daniken's Greece

Erich von Däniken presents geometric maps of Greece.

The above info provided by Biogeometry web site in Belgium.

Christopher Bird
brought the Planet Grid from Russia to America more than ten years ago.

Grid Pioneer John Sinkiewicz

Incredibly detailed computer analysis of features near earth grid points.

Earth Grid Harmonics -- Extensive site from Raphiem at Mission-Ignition. Includes interview with Bethe Hagens.

PHI GRID by Thomas Faltejsek - Explore the Earth Grid - Download a unique software, that plots grid maps and lines, based on geometric designs over the earth globe.

Paul Devereux, former long-time editor of the Ley Hunter Journal

Time Gate Grid (Germany)

Fantastic site full of Grid Animations

Brazilian Grid Worker

Moc krysztalowej planety Polish Grid worker

Leyolah Antara mirroring our site (outdated)!

EARTH GRID MANDALA: The New Energy Dynamics of the Planetary Grid.
By Gordon Michael Scallion

East Coast Powerpoint Newsletter

Vortex Point Experiments Quoting from Seth channeled material

Visionary Artwork: Science of the Celestial Bodies: Connected to Merlin, Arcturus, and the Elohim ... new Planetary grid ... new creations ... expansion on all levels ... new astrology ... transfiguration of the Cosmos.

MicroCAM cartographic software
can be used for grid calculations.

Bill Dayholos Mirrors Joseph Jochman's article

Australia: Wotherspoon's research

Date: 1st May 1999 - Time: 12 Midday Cape Town South Africa. ... Solarheart

Getting on the Grid
Getting on the Grid. The Geographical and Planetary Grid System of Anomaly Hunting, Identification, and Corroboration. ... Anomaly Hunting

Earth's Energy Grids
... ABOUT GRIDS Curry Lines Hartmann Net or Hartmann Lines Schumann Waves Black Lines Ley Lines Explaining the Planetary Grid System Bruce Cathie METAPHYSICS AND ... Crystalinks

August 11 Eclipse
... all the world’s landmass is oriented. Our recent re-discovery of the planetary grid, the etheric energy network through which Gaia processes all her sentient ... Click

Mesa - Excerpts
... a service. As Earth moves forward in the planetary grid into higher vibrational frequencies, so each of you are making this shift along with the planet. Those ... Click

Martin Gray
Favorite Links ... Sacred Geometry and the Planetary Grid. Mid-Atlantic Geomancy. A richly detailed and fun site on geomancy, sacred geometry, archaeoastronomy, dowsing, and ... Click

The New Earth News - Aligning with the New Grid (Apr 2000 ...
... This exercise should be done 2-3 times a week to help adjust to all of the new energies in the planetary grid matrix. It will also strengthen your connection ... Click

Kent Steadman> >Planetary Grid Alignment And The Giza Plateau > Cyberspace Orbit 1
Cyberspace Orbit 2

... Earth will begin its Ascension into fifth dimensional Oneness. New planetary grid system will be sealed. Thus its vibration will be high enough to accept the ... Click

earth dance | link up
... Our love is the power to transform our world - let's send it out. Send it out where? Send it into the core of the earth, send it into the planetary grid. ... Click

An Article on Earth Grid Geometrics, by William Buehler
... The Sinclairs virtually controlled the Planetary grid system by installing themselves in key grid positions, much like a pilot's function in the cockpit or ... Click

Message from Enoch May 30, 1998
... being finished up as we speak. The new planetary grid is very similar in nature to the one that was here around 28,000 years ago. As all grids are, it is a ...

How The TimeStar Works
... Dresden Codex The Chinese called the flow of life force through the planetary grid the Dragon Path and Native America's first calendar symbolized the Earth ... www.timestar.org/glyphs.htm Krsanna Duran

... Hardness of 7) is dealing with the Planetary Grid System(ie Dimensional Harmonic Shifting) and the LAWS utilized for control. When the Yahwehs (Syrian and Orion ... Click

A New Heaven and A New Earth
... are changing the world, by changing the way we think (Energy follows thought)... for we are the Planetary Grid system, and the culmination of the prophecy. ... Click

... 342. This STARCARD contains a LANGUAGE - OF - LIGHT pattern for increasing your connection to the planetary core of Earth through planetary grid harmonic #342. ... Click

Fern dowsing site On Australia
... References:-. 1. Becker & Hagens. 1983. The Planetary Grid System. via www.ascension2000.com/Shift-of-the-Ages/index.htm chapter 12. ... Click

David Wilcock
PO Box 1439
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Drawing off our Global Grid work in the later chapters, Becker and Hagens have shown us that Grid Point 11 falls directly over the northern portion of England. We have looked at information from other sources on the Grid that suggest that certain times of year, and certain astronomical configurations, might affect the energetics of the Global Grid. So, what we can see is that on Aug. 11, on grid point 11 at 11:11 a.m., the Solar Eclipse went into complete corona, where the hyperdimensional energies of the Sun and Moon were as precisely aligned as they could ever possibly get. And, as we had said in the previous edition of this book, finished March 8, 1999: With all the attending stresses of the Grand Cross configuration, this Eclipse will become as a laser beam of focused, fourth-dimensional consciousness/energy, or metaphorically significant as the lance that pierced the body of Christ on the Cross. As this hyperdimensional "laser beam" reaches its strongest point of corona, it also ignites one of the most highly significant Grid vortices on Earth - the location of Stonehenge and a host of other megalithic stoneworks. This single burst of energy will blast the Global Grid so strongly that the entire Grid itself will sound like a gigantic gong, rising to an incredible height of frequency for a few moments…We can also expect that this blast of energy would continue to cause the Global Grid to expand, thereby causing land shifts as Wilcock's readings are predicting. Ascension2000

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