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Geometric Maps of Greece

Daniken's Greece

Erich von Däniken presents in his book "The Eyes of the Sphinx : The Newest Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact in Ancient Egypt" the more than 200 triangles that can be constructed between very old cultural cities such as Dodoni, Delphi, Sparta, Olympia, Knossos, Akropolis, etc. Of these triangles have 148 the golden ratio or golden section.

He has obtained the information from Theophanis M. Manias books "Die geometrisch-geodätische Triangulation des altgriechischen Raumes, Athene, 1970", "La triangulación grométrico-geodésica del espacio de la antigua Grecia, Madrid, 1971" and "The invisible harmony of the Greeks, National Institution, Athene, 1969". In the picture you see only a few triangles.

The above info provided by Biogeometry web site in Belgium.

Greece: Ancient Hellenic Geodetic System

Aegean, Greece 12 temples in the shape of Maltese Cross

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