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Dan Shaw
Earth's Natural Geometry
Geometric globe
Unique geologic features occur at geometric points around the globe.
Ancient civilizations built monuments on many of these geometric points.
Many people believe that certain places have a special power.
EarthStar's spherical geometry shows up in the carbon60 molecule,
in the sky, and on other planets.

EarthStar Globe
by Bethe Hagens and William Becker
This globe is the same planetary grid system that is featured in the Anti-gravity and the World Grid book by Childress, Sedona: Beyond the Vortex, by Richard Dannelley, Pyramid Energy, by Hardy et al., and in The Ancient Stones Speak, by David D. Zink, Power of Place by James Swan, Prophecies and Predictions by Moira Timms, and Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids by Peter Tompkins, et al.


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