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The EarthStar Geometric Maps
Earth's Natural Geometry

Geometric globe
This globe is the same planetary grid system that is featured in:

  • Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, edited by David Hatcher Childress
  • Harmonic 695, the UFO and Anti-Gravity, by Bruce L. Cathie and P. N. Temm
  • Sedona: Beyond the Vortex, by Richard Dannelley
  • Pyramid Energy by Hardy et al.
  • The Ancient Stones Speak, by David D. Zink
  • Power of Place by James Swan
  • Prophecies and Predictions by Moira Timms
  • Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids, by Peter Tompkins, et al.
  • Working with Earth Energies, by David Furlong, 2003
  • Purchase these books.

    EarthStar Globe
    by Bethe Hagens and William Becker

    The pyramids in Egypt, China, and Mexico;
    the Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island, and the Galapagos Islands
    are among the sites that share a geometric relationship.

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