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Guide to Constructing the Shapes

When using the "Cardboard Crystals" as a classroom exercise, refer to the handout titled "Earthstar." This sheet gives the history of symbolism for each of the crystals and how they relate to the planetary energy grid we have proposed.

Explaining how to assemble the figures is a little like a first attempt at putting together toys on Christmas Eve: These are not that difficult.

ALWAYS CUT ON THE DARK LINE, SCORE (partially cut, with a knife or razor blade) ON THE LIGHT LINES.

The CUBE is simply folder up into a box and taped.

The DODECAHEDRON is a 12-sided figure. Each page can be taped into a kind of half-sphere, and then the two halves are taped together.

The TETRAHEDRON is a 4-sided figure. By folding up the three scored edges, it is taped into a three-sided pyramid.

The OCTAHEDRON is an 8-sided figure. It will have eight triangular faces. There are two pieces to be cut out for the octahedron, both identical. Cut out each of them. Score, and tape each half together. This will give you two four-sided pyramids. Join the two to create the octahedron. SAVE THE TWO SMALL TRIANGLES YOU CUT OUT OF THE OCTAHEDRON SHEET, YOU WILL BE USING THEM FOR THE ICOSAHEDRON!

The ICOSAHEDRON is a 20-sided figure. It is the most difficult figure and drives people crazy. You will feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you've finished it -- or it will be easy all along! Cutting and scoring as described above, join together the sides of the figure so that each "corner" is a meeting of five triangles. Between top and bottom is a "middle" string of 10 triangles. Always remember you are creating a roundish-object. Fold all scores in the same way -- i.e., don't bend any "out."

When finished, we like to paint the crystals that colors they were assigned by Pythagoras and the ancient Greeks. They can be stacked on top of each other to form an interesting and decorative column/totem pole!

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