The following catalog of anomalous vortex sites contains descriptive data in a systematic format listed for each site. In several cases complete data for all sites is not currently available (as of January, 1998; unverified data compiled from Banta and Vogt). Further bibliographic research and site discovery, description, analysis, experimentation and reporting is encouraged.

This list has been annotated by Nick Nelson.

Site Data Format:
GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES (latitude / longitude) *
* For nearby places - not actual sites; from national and state gazetteer sources. Local city maps, state highway maps and site maps on the Internet (Mapblast) can be referenced when accessing sites.

Rose Point
address ?
Sedona, AZ
Coconino Co.
telephone ?
road segment
length ?
34° 52' N / 111° 46' W

Confusion Hill logoConfusion Hill - Gravity House

75001 N. Hwy. 101
Piercy, CA 95587
Mendocino Co.
on side of hill north of Piercy and Smith Redwoods State Reserve
100 ft. diameter (unconfirmed)
39° 58' N / 123° 48' W
House of course is crooked -- vortex is real. Vortex is "forgiving", and "light" (not "heavy"). Perhaps good health effects?
Right off Highway 101 about an hour’s drive south of Eureka, California is a real roadside vortex known as, Confusion Hill.  It too has a crooked house, but not a perfect copy of the others.  It also has other entertainment; a miniature train ride through the Redwood forest to the top of a nearby hill and back.  The shack and vortex are on a rather steep hill and is difficult to measure, but it is a small anomaly, perhaps no more than sixty feet or so.  Of all the vortexes I’ve visited it seems the most “friendly”. Right on Highway 101.

Gravity Grade
address ?
Pomona, CA ?
telephone ?
road segment - Mt. Baldy ?
length ?
34° 14' N / 117° 40' W
Nick hasn't know anything about this one.

Haunted Shack - Knott's Berry Farm: FAKE
8039 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90620
714 220-5200
near intersection of State Hwys. 5 & 9
diameter ?
33° 52' N / 118° 00' W

Magnetic Hill
(No #) Lichau Rd.
Petaluma, CA
Sonoma Co.
telephone: none
road segment 300 ft. length
38° 14' N / 122° 38' W
This road is near the junior college in Santa Rosa, on the way to a site protected by the Nature Conservancy.

Mystery Shack - Calico Ghost Town: FAKE, NO VORTEX
36600 Ghost Town Rd.
Yermo, CA 92398
619 254-2122
off State Hwy. 15, 10 mi. north of Barstow, between Barstow and Calico Mts.
diameter ?
34° 55' N / 115° 55' W

Mystery Spot: REAL
465 Mystery Spot Rd., off 1953 Branciforte Dr.
Santa Cruz, CA 95063
408-423-8897; fax 408-429-6653
on side of hill, off State Hwy. 17, near Scotts Valley
150 ft. diameter
36° 58' N / 122° 02' W
True vortex discovered 1940, developed with help from John Litster 1941. Later Litster threatened to sue Mystery Spot for copyright infractions and settled out of court.
Vortex feels "heavy".

In 1941, Litster traveled to Santa Cruz, California on the edge of Monterey Bay to help develop another vortex for public viewing that had just been discovered. It later became famous as the, Mystery Spot.  Litster was probably hired as a consultant as the crooked house at the Mystery Spot is a board-for-board copy of the Oregon Vortex’s slanted shack.  The dimensions of both buildings are the same, and things like a high, narrow table ledge by the front windows has been duplicated even though no one knows what purpose this ledge served for the original assay shack.  These days the main differences are that the Mystery Spot’s crooked house has a partition in the middle of the room with a doorway, and the golf ball ramp is not outside the side window.  The House of Mystery once did have a room partition, and the Mystery Spot shows its uphill ball trick at the front window. Litster’s influence at the Mystery Spot is found in places outside the shack as well.  In both the Oregon Vortex and the Mystery Spot two concrete slabs, having with the main line of demarcation running between them is where both tours begin, and where I had the experience with the woman who would not shrink.  Even though Litster helped build the shack and locate the best demonstration points, he became upset that the Mystery Spot appropriated his story line, and he threatened to sue over copyright violations.  The differences were settled out of court, and ever since the early 1940’s the two vortexes have been in an arm’s-length competition.  Legal filings and threats of suits have occurred more than once throughout the history of vortex roadside attractions.  In the early seventies The House of Mystery found itself in serious, close competition.  This new vortex was located about halfway from Gold Hill to Crater Lake, calling themselves, Uncanny Canyon..  The vortex itself was smaller than the one at Gold Hill, but some felt its effects were more powerful.  It had been in business only a couple of years when old timers in the area swear that the then Oregon Vortex owners forced it to close with some creative legal threats.  No one admits to this, but it does make juicy gossip.  

Spook Hill
? N. Wales Dr.
Lake Wales, FL 33859
813 676-3445; 813 678-4182
road segment, near State Hwys. 27 & 60 between North & Burns Aves.
200 ft. length
27° 54' N / 81° 35' W
About halfway up the peninsula. A road segment, not a developed vortex, but the county has widened the road to permit experiments without disturbing other traffic.

Mystery Spot
address ?
St. Augustine, FL
telephone ?
features ?
diameter ?
29° 54' N / 81° 19' W
[No knowledge.]

Mystery Hill 7611 U.S. Hwy. 12
Irish Hill, MI 49265
Lenawee Cty.
on side of hill, west of Hane Rd., north-north-west of Adrian and east of Cambridge
diameter ?
42° 20' N / 84° 08' W
Closed during off-season, opens in May.
[No knowledge.]

Mystery Spot: REAL

150 Martin Lake Rd.
St. Ignace, MI 49781
Mackinac Cty.
300 ft. diameter
on side of hill, 5 mi. west of St. Ignace, near State Hwy. 75 off Route 2
45° 52' N / 84° 44' W
Near some ley lines...

Magnetic Mine Shack - Paul Bunyan Amusement Center
1900 Fairview Rd.
Brainerd, MN 56401
Crow Wing Co.
west of State Hwy. 371 and Evergreen Dr.; east of Inglewood Dr.; 60 mi. north of St. Cloud
diameter ?
46° 22' N / 94° 12' W

Grandfather's Mansion - Silver Dollar City: ALMOST CERTAINLY FAKE
1940 State Hwy. 248
Branson, MO 65616
Taney Cty.
417-336-7111; 417 338-8100
west of State Hwy. 248 and Interstate Hwy. 65
diameter ?
36° 39' N / 93° 13' W

House of Mystery: REAL VORTEX
Hungry Horse, MT If we follow that line from Gold Hill to Uncanny Canyon, an angle of 40-degrees from true north, across the southeast corner of Washington, diagonally through Idaho, and into Western Montana we find that it terminates near a whistle-stop town called Hungry Horse.    Outside of Hungry Horse, Montana there is a roadside attraction called, The House of Mystery.  It’s a real vortex with a crooked shack.  I don't know if the name choice was deliberate plagiarism, but contrary to their litigious reputation the owners of Oregon’s House of Mystery haven’t yet filed legal papers against Montana’s House of Mystery.  About ten miles west of the north entrance to Glacier National Park, the Hungry Horse House of mystery is about the same distance from Seattle, as Seattle is from the Oregon House of Mystery.

Mystery Hill: UNCONFIRMED: 50/50
Route 1, Box 278
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
Watauga Cty.
on side of hill, east of State Hwys. 221/321; north of Blue Ridge Parkway
diameter ?
36° 08' N / 81° 41' W

Mystery Shack - Ghost Town of the Sky: UNCONFIRMED: SOUNDS FISHY
Hwy. 19, Box 369
Maggie Valley, NC 28751
Haywood Co.
704-926-1140; 800 446-7886
on side of hill, north of State Hwy. 19; north of Waynesville
diameter ?
35° 31' N / 83° 00' W

Mysterious Tuttle House - Clark's Trading Post: UNCONFIRMED
Route 3, Box 1
North Woodstock, NH 03262
Grafton Cty.
north of State Hwy. 112; east of Route 3 and State Hwy. 93; White Mts. area
diameter ? (no vortex detected by site owner)
44° 10' N / 71° 45' W

site name ?: UNKNOWN
address ?
Franklin Lakes, NJ 08105 ?
Bergen Cty.
telephone ?
highway exit ramp
length ?
41° 01' N / 74° 12' W


Mystery Hill
8232 Harbor Rd.
Marblehead, OH 43440
Ottawa Cty.
on side of hill near State Hwy. 2, intersection of Hartshorn and Bayshore Rds.
diameter ?
41° 30' N / 82° 45' W


Oregon Vortex - House of Mystery: REAL VORTEX
4303 Sardine Creek Rd.
Gold Hill, OR 97525
Jackson Co.
503-855-1543 ?
on side of hill off State Hwy. 234; S. Crater Lake turnoff from Hwy. I - 5
165 ft. diameter
42° 26' N / 123° 03' W

Uncanny Canyon: REAL VORTEX
address ?
Crater Lake, OR 97604
Klamath Cty.
telephone ?
road segment
length ?
42° 57' N / 122° 06' W
In the early 1970's this real vortex was covered by water when Lost Creek Dam filled up.
In the early seventies The House of Mystery found itself in serious, close competition.  This new vortex was located about halfway from Gold Hill to Crater Lake, calling themselves, Uncanny Canyon..  The vortex itself was smaller than the one at Gold Hill, but some felt its effects were more powerful.  It had been in business only a couple of years when old timers in the area swear that the then Oregon Vortex owners forced it to close with some creative legal threats.  No one admits to this, but it does make juicy gossip.  

Fordson Home Hostel
Cave Junction, Oregon
This working hostel reportedly has a vortex.

House of Confusion: FAKE, defunct site name ?
address ?
Coquille, OR 97423
Coos Cty.
telephone ?
features ?
diameter ?
43° 11' N / 124° 11' W]


Confusion Hill - Idlewild Park
Route 30, Darlington Rd.
Ligonier, PA 15658
Westmoreland Cty.
on side of hill, Donegal exit No. 9 off State Hwy. 30, near intersection of State Hwy. 711
diameter ?
40° 15' N / 79° 14' W


Cosmos of the Black Hills: REAL VORTEX
3616 W. Main St.
Rapid City, SD 57702
Pennington Cty.
605-343-7278; 605-343-9802
on side of hill off Hwy. 16, north of Keystone
diameter ?
44° 05' N / 103° 14' W
Built 1950's, probably with Litster's help. Layout is almost exactly like Santa Cruz Mystery Spot. A frequent question I got on tours at the Oregon Vortex referenced a roadside attraction in the Black Hills of South Dakota, a few miles from Mount Rushmore, called Cosmos.  Most wanted to know if it displayed a real vortex or if it was just another phony, crooked shack.  Not ever having been there I had no means to check other than to question folks who had visited the attraction, and was unable to fit it into the grid to which other vortexes conformed.  By the time I was finally able to make a trip to the Black Hills I was convinced that Cosmos is a fake. What I saw, however, was disconcerting, almost disappointing.  By the time of this visit I had learned enough about the electromagnetic properties of vortexes to be able duplicate their distortion effects on the space-time fabric, and it was my intention, if Cosmos was fake, to sell them the real McCoy.  A problem with my intent showed up instantly on the first demonstration. The guide, a friendly young woman by the name of Ann, at a pair of eerily familiar concrete platforms, effectively shrank two folks right out in the bright sunshine.  Cosmos, is real! After the tour I convinced Ann to take me back into the affected area so I could do some tests, and quickly found two active spots that the owners of Cosmos do not know about; at least they don’t display these spots to tourists.  By this time I had been more than an hour in the area and suddenly realized that just like when at Confusion Hill, the ringing in my ears had stopped .  Cosmos seemed friendly. As I poked around, something else about Cosmos became evident.  The place is laid out, and the tours are conducted just like at The Mystery Spot at Santa Cruz.  I asked Ann how long the place had been in existence, but she didn’t know.  Even the word vortex as applied to Cosmos was foreign to her.  The tour takes only a half hour, which is about the same as the Mystery Spot, and about twenty minutes of this is taken up showing off the optical illusions in the crooked shack.  At Cosmos the spatial  distortions of the vortex are shown almost as an afterthought.  Cosmos is under shown. I later learned that Cosmos has been in existence more than fifty years, and though they don’t admit to knowledge of a man called John Litster the place has his stamp all over it.

wilderness area?

Casa Magnetica - Six Flags Over Texas (Park): FAKE & Defunct
2201 Road to Six Flags
Arlington, TX 76014
Tarrant Co.
off State Hwy. 360 - access road via Watson Rd.; south of Hwy. 30 and Copeland Rd.
diameter ?
32° 44' N / 97° 07' W


Mystery Hill
Dudley Creek Rd. and U.S. Hwy. 441
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Sevier Co.
telephone ?
features ?
diameter ?
35° 43' N / 83° 31' W
Stretch of road.


site name ?
address ?
Salt Lake City, UT 84101 ?
Salt Lake Co.
telephone ?
features ? (reported in Banta, p. 140)
diameter ?
40° 46' N / 111° 53' W
Stretch of Road.


site unnamed
address ?
Bremerton WA
telephone ?
features ?
diameter ?

On the outer circumference of the 54-mile vortex whose center is in Seattle. I went back to the Washington map and followed the line running down from Riverside to see where it would go on the other side of Seattle.  If a Mystery Spot vortex can be found mathematically, then there ought be an anomaly where the Riverside line intersects the 170-mile circumference surrounding Seattle.  So, at 31.5 miles southwest from the center of this 54-mile wide vortex there should be another Mystery Spot or Uncanny Canyon, and if so it should be found south of the city of Bremerton, Washington very near Hood’s Canal.  


Wonder Spot: UNKNOWN
Hwy. 12, Exit 92
Lake Delton, WI 53940
Sauk Co.
on side of hill, south of Canyon Rd.
55 ft. diameter
43° 36' N / 89° 48' W


Teton Mystery (Spot): MAYBE REAL
South Hwy. 89, Box 1412
Jackson, WY 83001
Teton Cty.
on side of hill, near intersection of Hwys. 89/26, 22, 189
100 ft. diameter (approx.)
43° 29' N / 110° 46' W

Magnetic Hill
TCH Route 2
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada E1C 532
506 853-3516
road segment - grade on Bend Rd. on side of hill off Mountain Rd.
length ?
46° 06' N / 64° 47' W
This one is in the vicinity of the Bay of Fundy, where the tides are among the world's most extreme.

The following listing is from

Gravity Hill, Mooresville, IN

Big Mike's Mystery House, Cave City, KY

Tri-State Spooklight, Neosho, MO

Gravity Hill, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Mystery Hill, Blowing Rock, NC

Mystery House, Cherokee, NC

Mystery Hill, Marblehead, OH

Mystery Lights, Marfa, TX

Wonder World, San Marcos, TX

Gravity Hill, Salt Lake City, UT

Mystery Hole, Anstead, WV

Vortex Room, Gauley Bridge, WV

Bonanza Ranch: FAKE Incline Village, Nevada