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EarthStar Western North America
Nineteen mountains and bodies
of water form a nearly perfect circle
around the Grand Tetons

piece of map showing Tahoe and Shasta Large view of this map
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This map was conceived by Dorothy Leon. In her book, The Clock with Thirteen Numbers, she relates:

[My husband at the time] Doug... purchased an airplane... I began going with him whenever possible. While aloft I saw lines of energy connecting the peaks of different mountains to form triangles. When I marked the lines on air charts, we saw that the triangles were within larger configurations.

Dorothy's ability to see these patterns was part of a larger spiritual quest and unfoldment. She identifies these lines as "ley" lines of subtle energy and gives spiritual significance to this "triangle from mountains" phenomena:

At the culmination of each ley line there is a significant mountain, lake or river. When first receiving this message, it seemed to me as if the Elohim Creators had used a divine rod to measure each unique spot. Nineteen equals one, symbolizing the Oneness of "God" with all that is created. When you stand at the base of the Grand Teton, you can sense this aura of oneness.

Dorothy's books, Triangle from Mountains and Clock With Thirteen Numbers, are available from Rosetta Publishing. Triangle from Mountains recounts Dorothy's discovery of the "wheel with nineteen spokes," including a detailed look at the numerology. Clock with Thirteen Numbers shares Dorothy's experience over a longer time, with extensive references and only a brief mention of the maps.

EarthStar North America (West) is available in a numbered first edition of 380. It includes a second poster of the pattern for your notes, and an explanatory guide.  $30

List of the Nineteen Power Points.

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