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Is Avebury Part of a Larger, 5-Sided Vortex?

Many of the stones at Avebury are clearly "5-sided".

Avebury is so large that a town is built inside it.

Then I found a postcard showing a crop formation.
Avebury is in the background.
It appeared July 6, 2003.
Pentagonal Crop Circle by Avebury photos
from Lucy Pringle.

It is possible that Avebury is 1/5 of a much larger, unrecognized pentagon of momuments.
I would be very interested in feedback from the Vortex Research Group (that's you!).

Robin Heath was there to lead the tours at Glastonbury and Stonehenge.
Robin is at right, pointing.
His new book, Powerpoints, is available through http://skyandlandscape.com/

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