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Devil's Rock, Austria

Austria. NEXT: 62 EarthStar points
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The legendary "Teufelstein" (Devil's rock) is a conspicuous rock on the top of the highest hill (1498m) in the Fischbacher Alps Northeast of Schanz near Fischbach, Styria/Austria. Coordinates of Lucifer's Rock : y -53.715.0 / x + 5.258.755.0 or 47°27' North/15°37,5' East. The central line of the total solar eclipse of August 11th, 1999 is going exactly upon this monument.

Devil’s Rock designs with the also legendary Königskogel (King’s Hill) and four ancient churches a structure of Pythagorean triangles which cannot be by chance. The symmetric structure in kind of a deltoid hands with his axis exactly to 23,5° Northeast and so is in accordance with declination of Earth axis. Several mathematical statistical expertise say, that coincidence can be excluded to be origin of this symmetric frame. On the base of the structure must be a plan or construction (German expertise of Günter Bischoff , Univ. Prof. Josef Gölles and Univ. Prof. K.-D- Wernecke).

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