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Proven Results with the Super Imploder
"As above, so below."

Mapping the Stars onto the Earth
As a Vortex Researcher, you will find a knowledge of Astronomy, and Astrology, vital to the study of ancient monumunts. Until recently, I had focused on geometric maps. Now, having read 12-Tribe Nations, I realize that the mythology of the stars must be understood to fully understand megalithic science. I am the only US distributor of all three of these items.
$56 as a package; or priced individually.

 John Michell 12-tribe-nations  Wales, 12-tribe-nations
Twelve-Tribe Nations, by Christine Rhone and John Michell, is a vital contribution to visionary mapping, giving a cross-cultural tour of nations whose sacred geography is based on the Zodiac.
Image shows Wales. $20.

Leo in the landscape, at top, dark profile facing left.
At bottom, a human profile.

Mary Caine's Glastonbury Zodiac: Key to the Mysteries of Britain books are in limited supply, available while they last. Air photos confirm that an ancient Zodiac in the landscape remains visible in the landscape around Glastonbury. Surely some of the features, over time, have been obliterated, yet others, such as roads have been accentuated. Still, the giant effigies, some 6 miles long and more, retain an elegance and proportionality that astonishes. Details of the natural and man-made features constructed on a scale so massive that it would be thousands of years before they could even be fully appreciated -- by us from aircraft. The book includes a transparent overlay sheet of the stars. $25.

Ancient Landscape Around Glastonbury Map: a full color, double-sided poster of the ancient features, alignments, world grid lines, and Glastonbury Zodiac figures. By Palden Jenkins. $17.

Package of all 3 items from VortexMaps.com: $56; or priced individually.
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