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Dan Shaw, Vortex Detective

Some people spend their life in search of the guru on the mountaintop, Dan Shaw has experienced the reverse; teachers have come to him. At age 7, Dan began doing gazing meditations, and having psychic experiences. At 14, Dan was watching the dark night sky when a UFO flashed its lights from quite nearby - below the horizon. Then, in 1985 (at 21 years old), a midnight visit from an enchanting stranger eventually led Dan from the San Francisco area to Austin, Texas, where he began studying Alchemy. In 1992, due to a series of Divine interventions, Dan Shaw began to specialize in geomancy, a branch of Alchemy focusing on the subtle energies of the Earth. Dan travels extensively in the US and abroad, researching sacred places with local vortex experts, and he corresponds with researchers all over the world. Dan Shaw earned a Bachelor of Science in Geography in 2001.

Dan Shaw has authored a number of books on vortexes, including Vortex Field Guide: North America, Letters from the Vortex, and US Vortexes 54 Miles Wide. Dan is in discussions with several major publishers for Stonehenge Gardening Tips: Using Earth Energies in your Garden.
Dan Shaw can assess the subtle energies of your land, home, and business, and help to adjust the energetic field for greater harmony, health, and success. Dan is an extraordinary Tour Guide, leading groups to exotic locations, and conveying complex scientific ideas to general audiences in an understandable, fun way. His live public presentations encompass a wide array of scientific and paranormal subjects, exhibit a collection of inspiring, beautiful images and visionary maps, and involve audiences in engaging participatory experiences. His radio and TV appearances include "Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Devil's Triangle, Alaska" on the History Channel. Dan Shaw also consults for TV shows, including NBC's "The Blacklist," and he is involved in two series in development.

Dan's writings and videos can be seen at VortexMaps.com and DanShaw.com.

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